ballerina beauty

so, i'm sure you can guess that i've been patiently waiting to get my real camera on my tiny dancer.
the time just hasn't been right.
plenty of iPhone pics.
but i haven't been brave enough to bust into the studio with the canon and ask for everyone to clear out while i do as i please...
not sure if that time will come.
but today i asked ella if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me and she enthusiastically started styling this shoot.
she knew what costumes she'd wear and what she'd do.
so i obviously went with it.
i set up a little mirror and some treats in my favorite 4 o'clock corner of my house and she showed me her stuff.
the high point was her lying on the ground with me dropping pink heart marshmallows on her while she giggled.
i was in heaven and she felt so special.
(you know the brothers were swarming in the background wanting at those marshmallows...back off boys!!)
i will love these photos forever.
i know it.



  1. Oh, these are so beautiful. How do you do it? I just need, like, ALL of your secrets, k?

  2. these are absolutely beautiful. what a treasure! i mean, really, every one is sooooo gorgeous. i am completely inspired to set up a photo shoot of our own this weekend. thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures of E.
    And I love the hearts...are they marshmallows?
    My mil brought some of those over and I never in a million years would've thought of them as photo props...thanks for that idea!

  4. awwwww! these are so precious!
    she is such a beautiful little girl.
    definitely moments to treasure.

  5. So so sweet! What a beautiful way to capture a precious season of life

  6. quit it. those are adorable and yes, you will always love them!

  7. So beautiful!! I really love these! Can't wait to have a little ballerina of my own some day! : )

  8. every single one is magic. i can't even handle it.

  9. those are gorgeous! you are one talented lady ;-)

    1. Such fun pictures! What memories you all are making!!

  10. Oh my dear goodness, these photos are precious. I love the little feet and marshmallows. So sweet and just adorable.