10 on 10 (i did it!)

oh yah.
yes i did.
so. i was determined to do 10 on 10 today.
i have never made it past 3 or 4.
i get distracted and i forget.
so today i brought my real camera in the car and set my iPhone to alarm ever hour on the hour as a reminder!
got out that cannon at 9 am and.....guess what. no SD card.
this is ella and i feeling sad about it....

then i quickly got over it and decided to iPhone it!
the photos aren't all that interesting, but i love that for once there is one an hour.
not just 10 in a day since i'm sure i do much more than ten lots of days.
but the good and boring moments too.
i think it's good for me.
and if i'm being honest this was not the best "fanciest" day to document.
i hurt my back so i was sitting on the couch more than i'd like to portray...
and i took ella to burger king...classy.
but its good to not be too put together right?
this is my day.

ballet stretches
tappin' like shirley
this is when i knew my back needed rest, so i decided to make it into a party. just me and ella. the sound of music. popcorn with m&ms and ice water in mommy cups.
and oh my gosh i seriously love this movie.
i cried three times.
poor mommy
he's home!
LEGO mania
karate trek
ella was the queen of saying "yes mom" today.
so i told her i loved having a daughter who has a respectful voice for me and that it made me want to do something nice and special for her.  i asked her what she'd like to do while the boys were at karate for an hour. she said, "how bout go to burger king for some french fries and a sprite?" and i obviously said, "yes ella!"
(although i did get her to change her order to OJ...lets not get crazy here)

daddy's home!

dinner: rainy day soup
(thanks for the recipe, momma)


  1. so cute! thanks for being real:)although i was wondering how you went from noon to 1am to 2pm:))))

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I am going to try your 10 pics on the hour even though tomorrow is the 11th!!!
    Glad to have found you through pinterest!!

    1. yes!
      who cares about which day it is!
      you gotta try it.
      but just to warn you, i flaked many many times before i actually followed though.
      that's ok too :)

  3. these pictures capture your day so lovely.
    i like your honest way of sharing your talent.

    love and hugs

    visit me?

  4. so i forget 10 on 10 and you remember? what the...? love your day, there is just something about the unplanned, everyday moments that i love about this project. hope your back is better soon, not fun.
    and school is out at 2? really?

    1. tuesday is early out.
      done at 12:50.
      but yes normally school is done at two.
      starts at 7:45!!!
      love love love this new reply thing!

  5. Replies
    1. katy, they are socks....over the knee ones from h&m. thanks!

  6. stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say hello! def loving the hour-by-hour images you shared! super cute!!



  7. Love this day!

    I have a feeling a similar post from me just wouldn't be the same from my flip-phone. :/ :0

  8. I spy with my little eye the nuns from the Sound of Music!!!!!!

    1. yes! you are right! i seriously am in love for the second time with that movie lately!

  9. lovely day! and that movie can't be beat!


  10. i love the normal, everyday documenting. it's good to see that there are other mamas out there doing the same things. just living life and loving the ones God has given you.

    blessings today Shauna!