beautiful momma

i don't want to be presumptuous with my blog.
if you are a blogger you know what i mean.
if you are not you can imagine that, it is hard to know how someone might view being included on your blog.
some might be thrilled.
some might be fine with it.
some might feel...a bit violated.
since it's my blog, i have the choice to include photos of myself on here (obviously)
i guess my kids don't.
my husband could certainly say something if he was not into it.
and i do i try my best not to make my friends and family feel like i am putting unapproved photos of them all over my blog...
sorry if i've missed something. really. i do try.


with this new effort i have been putting in to improving my photography skills, i have had some good little opportunities here and there in-between the monthly "family sessions" that i am committing to this year.
one was to bring my camera to my cousin's baby shower.
my aunt asked me to snap a few photos of the festivities and i just had to share how lovely my beautiful cousin looks as she is blossoming into motherhood.
( i made sure i asked her for approval, of course)

this lovely momma lives up north in more...gloomy weather and so i watched as she basked in the sunlight pouring through the windows....
sit on that couch over there?
how could she when there was a flood of dream sunshine puddling on the floor at her california friend's feet?
so she lounged in her friends company and the beams as i snapped away.
(i so wished to just make everyone else move so i could really get in there...maybe next time...i felt to bashful....and they were supposed to be there, it was as party)

see what i mean?
how can i not share?
she is luscious.

ps. my cousin is actually a really wonderful photographer, herself.
click here to see a part of her photography journey



  1. My friend Rachelle asked yesterday "is your cousin a professional photographer?"
    "Not yet" I reply. "Not yet."