oh yah!

do you ever just look around and think, 
"what have i even been doing around here?"
i do.
but then i start up a blog post and start downloading my photos from my phone and i remember...
what do i NOT do around here?

oh yah!  i had that babygirl play date with the cutes little blondie you could meet!
(i discover the key to playdates is the kids NOT being the same age...just a year makes a difference)

oh yah! i had a lunch meet up with my favorite red head and this little pouting princess!

oh yah! then we had rainbow sherbet!

oh yah! i cleaned my kitchen and put out a fresh cloth and a treat!

oh yah! i made "crazy hair!"

oh yah! i made them pose!

oh yah! i drove to and from schools 15 times this week!

oh yah! i took three kids and a husband to a 3D movie for the first time!

oh yah! i woke ua nd merged right into playing "pupunzel" !

oh yah! i went on a date!

oh yah! i took the little guys to see daddy's new office!

oh yah! i sat next to a crazy little boy at a resteraunt!

oh yah! i read my book while....
 ......listening to my boys make up rules for chess!

oh yah! i got myself dressed in a new skirt!(copied my lady friend, joy, and got one from target!)

oh yah! i got dressed in a more of a "lumber jack" look.

oh yah! i cooked veggies!( and ate most of them myself)

oh yah! i coached a 8 year old through making dinner for himself and his siblings!

oh yah! i played the quiet game!

oh yah! i smiled!

wow! that's a lot of stuff.
this little life is not that remarkable.
i am sure you did some much more impressive things.
just remember to look back and see what you HAVE done.
it's somethin'.

ps. i really want this.



  1. One of the reasons I do my weekly recap posts!

    That lens is AMAZING. I can't believe the price!

  2. Rainbow sherbert is just the best!
    Kate from Ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  3. Knew you'd be all over that bicycle skirt when I saw it. Super cute and flouncy!

  4. The boys are rockin those hair styles! Too cute :)

    xo Shane

  5. Oh yum...those veggies look so tasty! Love all your pics. :-)

  6. ummm....i miss you.
    that's kinda weird since we only met the one weekend....but darn it it's true.
    i miss ya!

  7. Must have brussels sprout recipe.
    and i love your pictures.
    come live with me and take pictures of my life, all day long.