a recipe, some pictures, and a bad attitude

hi friends.
i am having my quarterly questioning period, where i get kinda put out and attitude-y about blogging....mostly cause i can't think of anything that i even think is interesting to share.
since i have gone through this before i am more familiar and accepting of it this time.
i have pictures.
pictures are my thing....
and today i am just going to give you some randomness and call it a blog post.

this is my favorite brussel sprout recipe.
my friend lois gave it to me.
i've made it twice and my kids each eat one...because they have to.
then i eat the rest.
and that's my dinner.
nothing else.

Sweet  and sour Brussels sprouts

1 pint fresh, or 1 package (10 oz) of frozen Brussels sprouts, cooked (i microwaved them in a bag with slits for 3 minutes).
2 Tbs cooking oil
1/4 cup of cider vinegar
1 Tbs sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 Tbs grated parmesan cheese

Prepare sprouts your favorite way,  cut in half, or cook whole If they are small
Drain and arrange in a shallow baking dish
Combine oil,vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper & blend.
Pour over sprouts and sprinkle with cheese
Cover and bake in preheated oven (350 degrees) for 15 minutes or until sprouts are tender.

**my only addition is that i broil them for about 2 minutes at the end.

makes 3 to 4 servings
(that picture is before they were cooked)


look at his accomplishment......
 that is all the seasonal stuff.
6 christmas.
2 fall.
1 spring.
1 summer.
all in reedo's matching tubs.
the garage is his.
he keeps it cleaner than my kitchen.

this just has to be shown.

i finally finished this lamp.
i got the base at target.
it's the color of #2 pencils.
i love it.

i took reedo too a cool place where you can order flights of beer and meat and cheese and olive plates.
i'm not a beer drinker, but i tried it that night.
i thought it was pretty awesome of me.
i was impressed with my wife skills.

then he followed me around in an antique shop.
i think he can tolerate antique shops just a tad better with some beer in his tummy.

monday it rained all day.
i helped in ty's class and it seemed so crazy to have all of those 6 year olds in one room all day.
the poor teacher.
i decided to pick him up early.
we went to target and got stuff to make bread, soup, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and little sparkly valentine critters.
we were so happy to have him with us.
i just love that guy.

this week, my job is to get the house cute.
it still has that bare, after-christmas look.
maybe some valentine stuff?
maybe some spring....am i ready for spring though!?
this is the only area that looks good so far.....

so, that's me.
i'm a bit of struggler lately.
not feeling like sharing.
i'm not sure why.
thanks for reading and caring about my little life and adventures.
even when i have an attitude.


  1. Even when you have an attitude I love you I get it:) but Thankyou for still be willing to be here to share yourself for the world for me, I get so much inspiration from you and your honestly one of my favorite people I am fine with the randomness I like it in fact, you always inspire me in some way Thankyou for being you!

  2. Oh Shauna,
    I honestly think that random posts are the best! They give a peek into a person's daily life as opposed to the planned out posts. I think we've all experienced those "slumps" though. Dont get discouraged.
    And I get such a kick out of Reedo's garage. ive never forgotten about it since you told us:)
    Have a good night friend:)

  3. I kind of go through blogging weirdness every week? This post is my kinda post. ;)

  4. even as you feel "attitude-y", you have a wash of grace over all your people, situations and things. that's always striking to me.

  5. I have blog attitude more than I don't.
    I really love the picture of you and he.
    You are beautiful and he is adoring.

  6. Love those brussel sprouts :) they date back to many a Hokama/Bechtle Thanksgivings before I entered the scene :)
    We still have them every year.

  7. I LOVE your blog - I love that you share. Hope you get over your slump soon and keep enjoying your day to day. hugs.

  8. that's why i love your blog - because you're so "you"! you say how you really feel and make the rest of us feel normal. i love reading about your simple, sweet family life!