lessons learned....

oh hi!
so i just thought of a cool thing that i can do to share with you my journey with my photo taking commitment.
each session i do, whether for others or myself, i will tell you some things i learned.
all you real photographers will smile and nod and maybe even pat me on the head and i will be proud of myself, kay?
since i kinda already shared about the game day shoot, i will start with the new years one.
it was really simple.
i learned that the closer you are to home, the better.
that just doing photos more spur-of-the-moment works out better sometimes since there isn't any pressure.
we road bikes up to the hills and pulled ella in the wagon.
the only props were the hats and horns.
the lighting was perfect and i wanted practice making it work for me.
i tried letting the sun shine from the side this time instead of from right behind the people.

this one was for sure my favorite.
i loved how i was just capturing what she was doing and not making her smile.
i loved how the dry grass ended up looking like confetti or something "new years-ish"
the light was so beautiful.
i shot until the sun was gone and then walked up the hill to find a few more seconds up there.
so there.
that's it.
i'm working on getting better at quickly adjusting my camera settings according to light changes and different positions.
if you know what you are talking about and want to give me any input, i am open.
but remember i'm not trying to be you.
i'm trying to be me.

and here is a sneak peek of the session that i will share tomorrow, lessons learned and all....

 i'll see you back here tomorrow...


  1. I love seeing your photo eye candy every time you post!
    And I love the advice about staying close to home....so true.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. love the light. i agree with the spontaneous thing, sometimes they are the very best.