most days

tomorrow reedo and i are going up to LA to attend the grammy's.
it's all very fancy.
new dress, nice nails.
staying in a hotel next door to the big theater with a quiet room that doesn't include a little three year old girl sleepwalking in at 3am.
but, for some reason, all i can think of is how i am grateful for my normal, humble life.

shrek band-aids  and $9 target "heart shoes"...

freckles and toothless grins biting into rainbow "playdough cookies"....

static-y hair and loud singing and sweet little faces...

when people ask what i "do" and i say "i am a mother", most look at me funny.
i am always guessing what they might be thinking.
some may think, "well so am i, but i ALSO have a job."
some my think. "wow, must be nice to call THAT a job"
some may wish for my life and some may mock it.

i know in my heart that i am right where i should be.
kissing knees and making cookies.
cleaning up under that table several times a day.
cleaning up other people's junk all. day. long.
waiting in drop off and pick up lines 3 times a day.
what a gift and a challenge all wrapped into one.

i am so thankful for the job i have.


  1. Such an important and integral job!! Beautiful pics. xoxo

  2. amen sister. i am so thankful for this job as well. it blesses me out every single day.

  3. ahhh...yes, the hardest and best job ever. even on the worst days. BUT i think trading in your day job for workin' the Grammy's tonight sounds pretty cool, too. I am so looking for you on tv Shauna! : ) have fun!

  4. Exactly! These days the role of the Mother is dismissed all too often. There is no appreciation for the HUGE task it is to raise Children. You are right, you are where you belong :)

  5. Hey - I think we must work together! Your job sounds exactly like mine. Maybe I'll run into to you in the bathroom, one of these days! :)

  6. the grammies.
    lucky duck.
    you get see lady gaga's egg and everything!
    could you snag it and mail it to me? i think that is the way i am going to travel from now on.
    egg style.

    i love that last shot.....your boy is crisp and clear! and incredibly handsome. i can almost see a teenager in that face.

    love it.

  7. shhhhwaht? the grammies? how'd you get the hook up. i haven't blog stalked you enough to know if you're secretly famous or something...

  8. yes...the best job i'd ever had the pleasure to work at...
    and the grammies?!!!....gawk for me too!

  9. this is my life!!! well, everything except the grammy's! you go glitter at the grammy's with your fabulous mommy self!!

    I love these pictures. Really really love them.

  10. It is a fab job but bloomin hard sometimes :-) I wouldn't change it for the world though.

  11. The good life...that's what I like to call it. We all have to make our way in this world and deciding to do it your own way, not someone else's is a beautiful, frightful thing. Today my job is sucking the life out of me...literally...I am eight months pregnant and all that I have, all that I am capable of is her's. Kicker is the other three people that also seem to have needs...the good life I tell you!! Wouldn't have it any other way. My bank account is full of glorious kisses and hugs...I am rich today.

  12. Hip Hip Horray! Yes yes. I needed to hear (read) this today. And your kids are the best investment ever. Ever. And you are doing a wonderful job. I have to say Ella's legs are just about the most adorable things. I love how you take pictures of them a lot- I would too. In fact, it makes me want to take pictures of my kids legs. So cute! You have great perspective, both with your camera and your heart. God bless you and continue to renew and encourage you.