a gift

i know i have mentioned the jesus storybook bible several times lately.
i even put a link on my sidebar.
but i feel like i need to do a post on it, since, while lots of you mommies(and daddies) know exactly what i am talking about, some may be wondering what it even is...

this book is a lovely, extensive group of Bible stories.
the amazing, significant part, that keeps every person in my family(including grown ups) coming back for more, is the way the entire book is connected.
it isn't just a buncha stories.
it is many stories that make up one long story.
God's story.
in a very simple voice it continues to remind you of how each story is working toward God's rescue of his children.
it repeats this idea over and over...in almost every one.
it reminds you not to forget...the point is God and what he is doing for you.
it is not condescending.
it is beautiful and i just LOVE it.

we first bought it as a ibook.
we would wait for daddy to get home with his ipad and then read a few chapters every night.
a couple nights of reedo getting home late or having over night trips and i realized we needed our own copy.
i headed to our local christian book store and they had one nice copy.
$24.99. ouch.
then we got in the car and ripped it open..... and i realized it included the entire book on CD!
wow! the kids have not been able to get enough!
they ask for it on every car ride.
i was even driving by myself the other day and left it on! ha!
it was the best 24.99 i've EVER spent.
if you are a parent, you MUST get one.
if not for the children, for yourself!
check out the website by clicking here.
you will also notice that you can watch weekly Bible videos on that site...very cool!

 i knew i needed to tell you friends about this, so i payed jake 3 gummy bears to let me take some pictures of him reading it in the garden(that is just where he is with pictures right now, i can't really blame him, i am kinda crazy).

...then i came downstairs this morning and look what i found!

there was craziness happening all around.
ella was whining.
ty was sick.
reedo had music on.
but just look at my boy.
no posing.
eating his sausage muffins and reading that Bible.
moms, is there ANYTHING better than that?
ever in the whole world?
i think not.

and just to put a big smile on your face,
look at this little sick fella.
i just love my sons.
how could i deserve such sweet little boys in my life?
i am beyond grateful for their unique little lives and souls.

isaiah 8:17-18
"and i will wait on the Lord...
and i will hope in Him.
here am i, and the children God has given me!"


  1. Oh that is so precious! Must try and find a copy of that book!!

  2. i have been thinking my kids need something along these lines, i like the story book style...maybe this would be a good introduction!

  3. We gave it to the kids for Christmas after Erin told me about it, and we love it too! They both ask for the next story from it EVERY night (they can choose ANY book before our devotional). I often have stop and collect myself while reading aloud (Abraham and Isaac took a long time for me to get through, voice cracking). I didn't know about the website - we'll have to check it out. It's like $10 on amazon (not with a cd), if anyone asks.

  4. Love seeeing Jakers reading it on his own.

    After the boys were ready for school on Friday morning, Daniel asked how much time they had before the bus came. I said they still had about ten minutes, he said "Perfect, I have time to read my scriptures"

    That's a proud momma moment.

  5. You sold me...I just ordered a copy. My kids love listening to books in the car! I actually ordered it through Amazon though and it was only $16.49 with the CD

  6. Thanks for this post! I had actually never heard if this book before. I've been thinking of what version of Biblical stories or children's Bible to get to read with my son when he's a little older. This is the winner!

  7. You're right there is nothing better than seeing your child lean towards Jesus without being pushed or prodded! We have many kid bibles, but none that are amazing... can't wait to get a copy of this! Thank you for the suggestion!

  8. Thanks so much....I just put my lil' one to bed and skipped her devotion book all-together because it's well...just no good and a little beyond her age and 30 minutes later I read about this book here. So excited....just got it for the kindle.

    Thanks !!

    I love to see how HE works.

  9. I LOVE this bible too! And FYI you can buy it on Amazon for $10 or with the audio cds fpr $16!! We had bought it at a Christian bookstore too, then returned it when I saw how cheap it was on Amazon!

  10. the breakfast sausage snacker sold me.
    just bought it on amazon. saved almost $10 from zondervan's website. woo hoo! can hardly wait for it to arrive.

  11. This post came at the perfect time! I've been wanting to get something new for our morning devotions. I think this fits the bill! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!
    (goodness me your boys are so cute!)

  12. I LOVE this book too! It is my go to baby gift :) And my 2 year old now brings it to me and says, "mommy read Jesus" Amazing.

  13. yes, this is our "every night" story book. we are working through it and sometimes mommy cries when reading it. i love how they turn it all back to Jesus.

  14. We read devotionals at meal time and I haven't found any material suitable for their young attention spans. This book is right up their alley (and mine too)! Ordered it - thanks for sharing!

  15. i love this. we read it every night with brody. you are such a sweet mama.

  16. That has to be the best picture ever!! Reading the Bible with sausage on the side !! Be still mamma hearts! I just posted about this book on my blog, too! Lol! It is beyond amazing!!!!

  17. Me again! :-) Thank you for this suggestion! I've been looking for a new little devotional to do with the kidlets and this looks perfect.