i am a funny little woman....{having virtual coffee}

happy tuesday.
i was thinking about our coffee date in the car today....
i was thinking that i kinda embarrass myself sometimes.
today (and the last few days) my kids and i have been listening to Michael Jackson's number one hits, in the car.
ok, that really doesn't fit with my normal deal.
you know, my normal deal is kinda mellow.
old music like ella and lois and james and billie and new music like nora and mumford and elizabeth....
but let me just say that michael jackson's music is kinda rad too.
my favorite is black and white and billie jean...are you shocked?
also i dance.
yah, i am NOT a dancer.
but in the car, i am kinda embarrassing.
my sisters would definitely look at me with shocked faces.
you might smile since you don't REALLY know that i am so NOT a dancer.
but they do.

anyway...just thought you should know that about me.
i also think you should know that my boys' favorite is beat it....of course.

if we were really having tea/coffee i'd want to show you my mantle...
i LOVE THIS ONE! (and thanks, Cherish, for reminding me to add this pic! i totally meant to, but forgot it! you rock!)
i felt like an anthropologie window designer (ok, on a little bit smaller scale).

i might also tell you about how i think i just over bought veggies at henry's today.
i really WANT to make more veggies for my family.
but as you may already know, my people are picky.
i guess i just need to keep trying, which is risky since i know it will be discouraging....

i also might mention that we are suuuuper into fishies lately.
all kinds.
have you tied the s'more ones!

also the green army men love um.

i'd wonder if you are into valentine's day or not.
i'd ask you if you have any girl scout cookies yet.
i do.
the peanut butter chocolate one are the dangerous one for me.

i'd tell you that i am going to the grammy's again this year! whooo hoooo!
i hope, i hope, i hope that mumford and sons is playing!
i had fun last year.
i mean it IS a work thing for reedo, so i do have to be on good behavior (ha!)
but this year we get to spend the night up in LA...that will be great.
i am looking forward to grown up time with my reedo.

ok gotta go.
i am making kid style "first dinner" tonight and then a yummy grown up meal for reedo and i.
steak and bruchetta....and salad. and maybe one more veggie. or two.
happy day.
see you next week.

i am linking up with amy today.
click over to check out her blog and the other "coffee drinkers"....


  1. smores fishies? nummers. My mom would make me skip over Billie Jean on my Michael Jackson "Thriller" record (yeah, I said record - I would have to pick up the needle and skip to the next song) because she said that "the kid is not my son" meant he was not owning up to his paternal responsibilities. yeah, issues.

  2. Take a picture of your mantle! I totally want to see!!
    I love smores fishies!
    "first dinner"?! I need to do this! Great idea for an at home date! Your meal sounds delish!! :)

  3. uh yes I LOVE your mantle! It looks great!! :)

  4. I just love you Shauana :) Your posts are sooooooo thought provoking, inspiring, & life changing!!! I happen to LOVE MIcheal too, although it might not be such a shock. My kids love him too & Gavin can pretty much recognize one of his songs....even at the end of Megamind, he shouted in the theater..."That's MIcheal Jackson!" I really want to rent the Wii game with all of his songs....even though I'm not much of a dancer (not for lack of desire, just have no skills), that game I'm sure Rocks!!
    ps- so jealous of u & the grammy's....I will pray mumford will be there. I'v got the album too & LOVE it!!

  5. our veggie rule is "each time i offer this, you have to try three bites and that's it". i SWEAR they are fully eating the veggie after a few offerings in MOST cases. in the last 2 days they've eaten at least some of my roasted mushrooms/brussel sprouts and tonight my tomato/avocado/mango salsa. they complain but they eventually eat some of it. makes me happy.

  6. Your mantle is lovely! I love the birds.

  7. I am a HUGE Mumford fan myself. But yes, there are definitely those days that just scream for Michael Jackson...and you just gotta give in.

  8. The Grammy's!? What does your husband do?

  9. shut up! the Grammy's? how fun...and i am so very jealous if you must know the truth. : ) i did order GS cookies from my niece but much to my husband's dismay I had them all sent to the troops instead of having them delivered directly to my butt. a much better plan. michael jackson, oh i do love me some MJ, i'm not gonna lie. and love the mantle, too cute. thanks for coffee..or tea, Shauna!

  10. 1. smores goldfish? i must find them.
    2. love the anthro mantle. it does look like that.
    3. i did a dance routine in 4th grade to beat it....with a glove...silver sequin headband worn over the bangs....over the eyebrows.
    4. the grammies?! what the what? you are so cool mrs. reedo.