my morning.

so jake has been having trouble staying in his seat in class.
he gets up a lot and dances and jumps around.
doesn't that sound like a PLEASURE for a teacher!
ha ha!
i am glad i am not her.
but, because of this, we've decided to try to get some wiggles out before school in the mornings.

yesterday, reedo went on a bike ride at 5:30am....um yah, crazy.
and when he got back jake was ready and WAITING on his bike and they took a 20 minute bike ride in our neighborhood.
fun huh?
jake has been so happy.
not sure if it is helping in class yet...we'll see.

monday and today i have been leading him in a little wiggle session.
mother may i with lots of crazy jumping....
jumping jacks, sit ups, running, lunges, push ups.....yada yada
oh gosh! it is pretty funny.
and cold. very cold.
here i am.
morning mommy.
cute huh?
no make up or anything.

look at all the freckles in THIS picture!

he is such a sweet little fella.
he really WANTS to be still.
he just has energy exploding from his every inch (little reedo)

oh yah.
i did it too.
i spared you the photo where a tiny bit of my suuuuper sad tummy is showing.
ha ha. you are welcome.

now it's time for me to go take a shower and snuggle up by the fire with ella.
happy day!


  1. cute! i wish our weather was like that. it is freezing here

  2. you are super mom. so fun! and you are so very pretty without makeup... i cannot say even close to the same for myself.

  3. awesome idea! i have a little one that has the wiggles in her too... i'll have to try it! you look like a really fun mom from my view!

  4. whatevs danielle!

    you ARE an amazing mom. you know i'd never do this. ever. i'm too lazy and way too sensitive to the cold. you're kind of my idol.

  5. what?!?!? cold?!?!? you southern gals! (and FWIW, anyone who lives south of the canada/us border is a southern gal in my humble opinion) i would die for some warm weather to play outside in. it is hovering around the below 10 reading and even colder some days. some sun and warmth sounds just like what the doctor ordered.

    oh... and biking at 5:30am?! who does that?!?! craaaaaazy! isn't it pitch dark then?

  6. Oh, you mean your part of the country is not buried in ice and snow and you are actually having school? Tomorrow is Day 3 of schools closed for us.
    Oh, these boys...it's so hard sit still! That was one of my biggest concerns with Wyatt startting school because he is one very busy boy : ) I hope this little morning workout helps him out a little. What a great idea. And Shauna, you even look adorable first thing in the morning with no make-up?! That doesn't seem fair ; )

  7. I love the song that plays when I click on your blog but can't find your playlist? Am I missing it?

  8. i really needed to find your blog tonight. thank you for the honesty, the humor, the love, the family, the joy.