want a little pick-me-up?

hey have you tried this??

it is special nail gel polish that lasts a SUPER long time!
i am not really a manicure girl.
i always feel like it's a waste.
my job makes it impossible for the normal nail polish to last even a day....
but this!
it works.
i have had it last up to three weeks!

all you have to do is ask your salon if they carry this product.
i have asked three salons around here and 2 out of 3 said "yes".
and if you live near me, i will tell you that the little nail place under the escalator
at the shops at mission viejo DOES do it.
you just gotta try it.
it is about $35.
you will be amazed.
and feel very "big girlish"
with painted nails that don't rub off after washing dishes and buttoning tiny pants for a day.
i just got um done today and here are mine...

the longer i look at this last one, the more i think of those nasty little "finger hot dogs" i  make at halloween...you know the ones that are lil smokeys with crescent roll dough shaped into fingers and then an almond for the nail.....gross.
don't look for too long.


  1. ah ha ha ha ha! so funny that you wrote a post about this. i was going to do the exact same thing! i just got this done 3 weeks ago for the very first time. it's called 'perfect polish' at the salon i went to and i'm so pleased with it too! exactly like you, i am NOT a manicure person. i'm all about the pedis but not a fingernail polish girl. i was so pleasantly surprised though. i usually don't dig manis b/c they chip so quickly and i hate, hate it when i look at my fingers and they look messy with chipped polish. *shudder* so this really was the perfect solution. i might become a mani girl now! ha ha!

    although the only bad part? having to go get it taken off afterward. hmmmm...

    (by the way, the color you chose is similar to the one i did... merlot!)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I have bad luck with nail polish staying on my fingers, too. I will have to check this stuff out!

  3. do they sell it in stores? ahhh, i will have to find it!

  4. I so wanna try this. Like the week before I'm due, a girl can have pretty nails while giving birth! :)

  5. Ive never heard of this. Sounds neat and I LOVE O.P.I. Im curious if they sell it though as opposed to going and paying $35 to get it done? Just curious:)

  6. i have only had two manicures in my life...but i would try this..thanks!

  7. i'm a toes only girl because i get so frustrated when it chips after 3 seconds. seriously i barely make the car ride home. definitely trying this. and you DO NOT have sausage fingers.

  8. Oh this is so awesome! Love knowing about this....Shops at Mission Viejo - I grew up there and my parents still live in Laguna Hills...do you only know of OC places, or do you know of any places closer to me in LA (I'm in Pasadena...)

    FABULOUS knowing about this - especially for us with a very 'hands-on' day job ;) (ok, lets be honest - night job, too!)