me and mumford and sons

ha ha! 
did you think i maybe met them?
i didn't.
but they were awesome right?
i had a really good time at the grammy's this year.
i had more fun than i thought i would.
reedo and i had some much needed time away and i am really thankful.

i have more pictures (more bad ones, like this, don't get your hopes up)
and i will share them soon.
right now all i can think of is crawling under my covers.
i wish i could sleep for 3 and a half days.
happy happy love day.


  1. hey what happened to your top? "oh, excuse me mumford and sons...i hate to interrupt your song, but i left this up here on stage."

    (sorry i couldn't resist from that pic! i know you had a sassy little one-shoulder strap dress on. the strap's just hiding behind your hair i think.)

  2. Is there a "Jealous" reaction button I can choose? Love your blog. Now go sleep!

  3. I thought of you believe it or not considering we don't really "know" each other, when Mumford and Sons was on stage. I bet you had a get time.

  4. Wow. How cool is that. I can't even tell you how far from my own reality that is. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!!