a home tour and my sweet girl

hello friends.
i just wanted to mention that i added a tab up top (under the header)
it is called "the reed home"
the photos are mostly ones that i have posted before, they are just separated into rooms.
i am planning on adding to those photos as time permits so you can get a better idea of what each room looks like.
heres the thing.
i love my house.
it's our home.
but, to me it always feels cramped and messy.
i am sure you feel that same about yours.
i just feel like i should mention that before you look at my photos that are taken at the best angle and at the rooms most clean.
that is why i felt weird about just listing two "perfect empty room" photos of each room.
we live here...i have to add the smiles and laughing and crying and jumping and reading that actually goes on in those rooms.
because that is just as much a part of what makes my house a home as the curtains and ikea couch...actually more.
also, i should mention that i am a FREAK when it comes to re-arranging furniture.
i do it a lot.
so don't be too confused.
i will probably switch it again tomorrow...
but for now enjoy these few photos i took of my girl at the park....happy weekend!


  1. what gorgeous texture on that sky Shauna!
    I kinda love it.

    ok I love it a lot.
    you got me.

    ps. I tried my very first hand at blog layout madness tonight. What do you think? Mark's reminding me that nothing has to be permanent.....

  2. Im so excited that you created the home tour...thank you!:) I found you through Meg(whatever)a couple of weeks ago and was so excited to find some girls who share my style. Ive been trying to discover what it is for a long time but feel so happy I finally "got it." Oh and as for the re-arranging thing goes: thats totally me too. Everyone comments that the house looks different each time they drop by. I cant help it:)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Your home is lovely. It's warm and cozy and fun and cheery. Thank you for sharing all those pictures!

  4. oh, how i love a little cali sunshine!! those pics are marvelous!

    can you come and rearrange MY living room? i feel stuck! it feels like it always has to be the same way. HELP!
    (on a side note, i'm surprised i'm not more of a furniture rearranger, my mom did it all the time when we were kids!)

    ok, also... i HAVE to know... where did you get ella's sweet sweet dress?!?

  5. beautiful photos of here! i love the second from the bottom especially. and the poking the stick in the ground one. so sweet.

  6. Your home has so much life to it. My favorite photos though are those backyard ones. It sums up your family in just a few shots. Fun, love, and art. I love it.

  7. I love your home. love. your. home.

    and your photos are breath taking!

  8. love your casa! so pretty~ and hello--those picts are fab! what a cute little chick:)

  9. ive been following your blog for awhile now and i love it! you take the cutest pictures of your life and kiddos and you seem like such a lovely lady!! :)