all you need is love...

 all you need is love...

 love is all you need.

want a great idea for a little valentine treat for non-chocolate loving kids?
crazy little fools...
oh well, more for me

i am not doing a tutorial, because that would be insulting, it think.
just take a giant thing of gummy bears, make into good color combos,
double some thread on a needle
(long enough to go OVER a little head, plus some extra to be able to knot it at the end)
and string um up!
then tie the ends of the thread together.

i just know the reed kids are gonna swoon!
can't WAIT to give them on lovey love love day!
green and yellow and clear for jake and ty
red, orange and pink for ella.

you should do this too.
everyone's wearing um...
just kidding, cause i just made it up.....maybe next year everyone will be.


  1. that necklace is so cute...and dangerous. my kids would truly become demon possessed with that much sugar. :)

    and book paper...i can't get enough of crafting with it. so cute!

  2. That is an awesome idea! I love it!

  3. Totally the rage over here in NZ... just kidding! What a cool idea - love it!

  4. those are soo soo cute! :) love that idea! My kids would love that! your book paper garland is awesome!

  5. oohh I am loving those bejewelled teddy necklaces, so yummy :-)

  6. perfect for nate. good idea. where'd you get the giant thing of gummies?

  7. super cute! gonna borrow that idea!

  8. A great, yet simple and doable idea!

  9. Cute photos! Love the idea about the necklaces...yum yum!

    The question is...how many gummy bears did you eat while making the necklaces?! ;)

  10. for my husband's birthday, i strung these all around the dining room instead of streamers. it took forever and lots of gummy bears but it was SO cute and SO fun! gummy bears are his favorite so it was a natural fit. i adore the idea of making them into necklaces.

  11. Cute-Cute! And the whites are totally my favorite, which I've recently learned is a bit out-of-the norm.

  12. that is sooo cute.
    i am about sick of valentine candy and it isn't until tomorrow.
    but THIS is sweet.
    i have all day tomorrow to make something to act like it was always planned.

  13. I made a garland like yours! Thank you for the inspiration. I am about to post about it and I will link to you. Kelly

    p.s. I came over from Meg's blog on the marshmallow milk post. yum!!!