this time last week...

love these people!
i hope their mom and dad let them come over and hang out with us again soon...
this picture made me laugh out loud.
i used one of meg's "photographer tricks" and had them all look at ty....
i love looking at all their expressions.
each face tells a story, huh?
ha ha!


here are our adventures in making the Pascal cupcakes on the side bar.
we followed that Disney recipe

 they were fun.
very messy vibrant with the food coloring though
it was a happy thing to try....
i didn't eat one.


  1. Those cupcakes are awesome! How fun! :)

  2. mmmm...my kids would love these! you are an awesome mommy for making these with your little helpers :) My kids would love em but they would most certainly eat all the eyeballs and icing and then move on to behead the next unfortunate cupcake. And then I would have several half-eaten cupcakes left over. This did NOT just happen today with cupcakes we brought home from church.

  3. Next time you make those can I send my kids over? Because they are so deprived of colorful fun with their irrational, food coloring phobic, ocd mother. Pascal!