my lovely

here she is....as promised.

i know, i know she is a beauty.
i am NOT painting her, at this point.
but i was considering giving her a number.
you know?
a white number right on her back?
like maybe five?
what do ya think?

ella helped me pick her and we sat on many many chairs.
i was hesitating because i was afraid that she'd be too tall for ella bear to sit at the table with.
if i'd had my favorite redhead with me, she'd have remembered to measure my table first.
or maybe she'd even know how tall most tables were....well i was all my my little brunette self....
so i just bought it.
and guess what?
ella's little legs fit perfectly!
the only problem is how she SCREAMS when her brothers try to sit on it.
such a little lady.
just darling.

so here she is.
on her throne....

have you seen enough?
cause i am dreaming about taking her outside and taking more photos of her....

i am linking up to life made lovely monday.
since i wanted to do this post yesterday.
so this is really "life made lovely tuesday", kay?



  1. oh Shauna! I LOVE her! Like really really love her! It is the perfect chair for such a cute little lady! :)

  2. love it! love that last picture especially, with just a bit of her smirk showing. :)
    i like the idea of a 5 painted on the back, as well.

  3. More pictures!!! It is adorable, and I think a number would be charming on it. I remember my grandma had a all yellow one and we all argued over it! Great find!

  4. So cute! I love it, looks like a perfect spot for a snack :)

  5. Love the chair, love your pictures, love your blog! I'm so glad that you stopped by Country By Marriage so I could find you! And, yes, my post about Valentine's Day was based off of Leslie's at Top of the Page. I have so many great blogs that I follow that I really couldn't remember, but I'm heading back over right now to edit my post to direct people to her wonderful post about her Valentine's Day. Thanks so much for stopping by. -Deana

  6. I think I'm in love! Shauna! I saw a red one very similar to this over the weekend and I walked away from it but have been thinking of it ever since. This might be my sign! ; D I love it red, don't paint it but i think a number would be good. Love ella's expression!

  7. gasping.for.air.


    and is ella's skirt the cutest thing i ever did see?

    i totally vote YES to a 5 on the chair! it will be the cherry on top a perfect sundae.

    i need to seriously fly to CA for a girls weekend with you and leslie. seriously. what in the world.

  8. shauna...she's perfect! i think her chippy red is beautiful. bea-U-tiful!!