your questions.

here goes...

1. where do you buy decor? online? antique shops?

i am not a big online shopper.
it just isn't the way i work.
however, when i do order online, and get packages in the mail....be still my heart.
that is the best.
i love getting the thing, just not choosing it and not having it right away (spoiled? yep.).
look what i got today!

my favorite places (whether or not i can afford them) are:

anthropologie (obvs. i can't really get that much big stuff there...but sometimes little things, like this milk jug measuring cup set, recommended to me by my darlin' sis, gracie are fun to splurge on.)

antique shops
i like the old barn in san juan capistrano and there are some great ones in old town orange.
my favorite red head and i just explored a flea market (my first time !?) a few weekends ago.
i found some treasures!

i am going back to bend in may and i am looking forward to some antique browsing...nothing big though since i am flying :(   but wait!  yay! for bend :) my favorite.

does that need and explanation?

as long as i don't get sucked into thinking that i like modern, sleek stuff, i do pretty well there.
my couch, dining chairs and most of my curtains are from there.
check out these lace curtains that i just got there recently!
reedo says they remind him of underwear....bless his heart....i love that guy.

tj maxx/ homegoods
i seem to find stuff there every once in a while.
i like to find stuff on clearance for under 5 bucks and make it great(ish).
check out this globe.
it's base was bright silver...kinda cheap looking....and i antiqued the bottom a bit. cute huh?

mostly i love looking around online and making my version of stuff
i am not gonna call myself a copycat since it feels like i am changing the stuff to fit me...but you can call me a one if you want ;)

2.what is happening with tidbit?

i am not really sure.

i just haven't been very inspired about it lately.
i don't know, i just don't think i am a business woman.
i am not interested in perfecting a product and selling it.
i love making things.
i love being creative.
i love giving things to people.
but i am just not interested in selling those things really.
am i completely un-american?
since capitalism is the american dream, and all?
i feel like, since i do make lots of stuff, it is so common to get that comment.
you know what i am talking about?
"that is really cute! you could totally make a killing on etsy. you should try and sell them..."
there is a part of me that thinks, "yah! i rock!"
and there is another part (that sounds a bit like elizabeth elliot) that whispers "i know you can, but ought you?"
i am still just back and forth on whether or not tidbit ought to be a priority.
i think the answer is "sometimes"
so that is what it is.
sometimes leslie and i get ourselves together and to a boutique with tidbit.
sometimes we don't.
tomorrow i will ask the lord again, and his answer may look different then....

3.who are your favorite bloggers?

oh forheavensake.
this is hard.
you can look on my profile for ALL the blogs i follow.
you can look at the sidebar for some favorites.
but, right now, these are my top 5.

Meg at Whatever
Danielle at Take Heart

come on.
i am sure you follow them too.

to be continued....
next  time i will answer questions about reedo and what is is like to raise a daughter with out my own mother....good stuff.


  1. I love these little glimpses into who you are.:) Thanks for sharing.(and I LURVE that canvas in the first few pics)

  2. i wish i had a little more of her in my head.
    i tend to bite off more than i can (or even should) chew.
    i will remember that.. "i know you can, but ought you?"
    and i LOVE the lace curtains.

  3. stop. im blushing. i love you.

    and i say tidbit it up! yeehaw!

  4. so fun! i love that phrase... i can but should i? there's just not time like this...when the kids are so little and need lots of attention.

  5. you are a wise friend. thanks for the love today.

  6. auuuwww.
    me and my giant bell thank you.

    i HEAR ya on the etsy stuff.
    it has to be inspired.
    it has to be when you want to....when you should...when you can.
    because you don't HAVE to earn money for your family (i am assuming) so it's not something that is as important as if you did? am i making sense.
    just saying.....i get it.
    i am about to be done with etsy for another 6 moths at least.
    it's hard work.
    sometimes i would say it's too much work.


    i like you shauna.

  7. i will have to check that barn shop out!