7 (lovely) random things

1.i have a new project.
a new bed for ella.
i have some pretty great ideas...keep a look out for happy, little girl, splendor on this little reed life blog!

2. this is my camera.
a canon rebel T1i from costco: Christmas 2009
with the 50mm lens on my sidebar.
and a custom (stained) strap cover.
and a lost lens cap (don't worry joy, i will get another today...and the UV filter too).

3. i love reading.

4. i am wearing a side ponytail today.

5. i used to be a floral designer.
(i have been thinking about adding a little series on simple things to do with flowers on the reed life? whatdoyathink? would that be fun and useful? is there anything specific that anyone is curious about, that i can help with?)

6. my maiden name is laxson....just fyi.

7. one of the biggest things i grown in this year is not to always jump to conclusions from prior assumptions.
pretty big. 
and i am still learning. 
but i feel like blogging has had a pretty big hand in that lesson.
i think a year ago i would have thought that online interactions were sorta questionable and less than desirable.
but God has opened my little "know it all" eyes up....like He does.
he shows me how he will ALWAYS provide for me.
and usually He uses ways that i don't expect.
liiiiike the internet.
WHY couldn't he allow me to make a friend thought the computer?!
HOW could i think that His ways are limited to face to face friendship for encouragement (not that i don't need that too :)
is ANYTHING too hard for HIM?
i have been blessed by this blog this year.
that means you. 
yah, you sitting at your computer right now....oh wait, is that your phone?
you better not be reading your iphone while driving! (i NEVER seldom do that!)
God has used you to bless me.
thanks for reading.

i am linking to life made lovely today
go say "hi" to heather...

and i also received this award!

it's from Sarah at handbags and pigtails.(she has great blog too!)
i have to accept the award, tell you where i got it, list 7 random things about myself, and send it on.....
i need to send this award straight to Cherish.

have you seen her new header and blog look lately?
kiwi freckles is so cute!
plus she has awesome hair.
check her out.


  1. Great little post! I love the random list, and would love for you to teach folks like me how to make a cheap bunch of flowers look amazing. Because I know I can do better than cramming them into the nearest empty cup. :)

  2. I truly love your blog and am so glad I found you:)Loved your random facts,BTW.

  3. i'm not sure what i'm more jealous of- the fact that you have a garage to work on that bed in or the bed itself. i agree with gina. teach us!!

    p.s. God has used YOU to bless me.

  4. love the bed! love it. i cannot wait to see her whole room done!
    your hair looks super cute in a side pony.
    i want some flower tips!
    i thought meeting people online was totally weird until this year too
    thanks so so much for the award & the love made my day!
    hope your day is a good one! :)

  5. the bed! AHHHH!!

    and yes, i would love, love, love to hear alllll about the flower tips! :)
    especially with spring acoming.

    i smell a new little series at the reed life

  6. drooling over that bed! what a find...

    you are too cute. just FYI.

  7. That bed is looking pretty amazing... and I'd love some floral arrangement tips... and you rock!

  8. I just LOVE your blog!!

    Always makes me smile....

    The bed: Fabulous - such a lucky girl.....

    I feel the *same* way you do about blogging - made so many friends that I've never met, and just know that it is all attributed to the Lord's hand in all of it!


  9. Have been loving your blog! Particularly loved this post of random things. And what a LOVELY wedding photo, by they way.

  10. Your eye makeup looks SO PERDY in your I heart Gone With the Wind pic! Oh, and you know how I feel about the flower tute!

  11. Can't wait to see the end results on Ella's bed! So cute! Love the color!

  12. can't wait to see ella's bed finished--it is all ready lookin so flippin cute!
    flower design and tips? yes please:)
    I love me side pony, and you are rockin it:)
    i too am a book lover:)
    happy monday chick~

  13. gorgeous bed...love the side pony..i rock them often but not as often as braids. Ella is one blessed little sweetie.

  14. ooohh...jealous here, too! that bed is awesome, i love the color! and your eyebrows. wow. yeah, i just said i am jealous of your eyebrows. mine are thin( the only thin thing on me!) and light-colored so i always notice good eyebrows on other people, hahaha. i can't wait to see what u do with ella's room.

  15. This is a fun post. I also love to read:) I would LOVE for you to post some flower arranging tips...I'm horrible at it!

  16. LOVE this post, and basically everything about your blog :D

  17. Just discovered your blog....uh...love it! You are too cute. Love your writing and love that you love Jesus. Look forward to reading more! :-)

  18. that bed is awesome! and so is your side pony! this is my first time visiting your blog and i love it.