annoying bangs, ranunculus and circus-mania

first things first i REEEEALLLLY needED a bang trim.
it was making my crazy....
right in the eye balls, ya know?

oh sweet relief.
i can see.
i know, i know it's not that big a difference when you look at me.
but when i look at you, it makes all the difference, ya know?
but then my pal, geneva, who has been cutting my hair for a long time, made me promise to come back...tomorrow. 
yep. she said my hair looked stringy....well, i guess i said it was stringy and she agreed. 
she is not one of those lying hair professionals, she tells me the truth. 
i like that.
so now at least i can see for the next 24 hours and then....hair cut time!


here is a little flower idea for you.
it isn't rocket science, i know.
it's not even that fabulous, but i just thought i'd share what i did with the ranunculus that i got at the strawberry stand.
i wanted to use that cute little circus animal tin that gracie gave me jake, but i didn't want it to get rusty.
so i filled a plastic cup with water and set it inside.
do you have a container that doesn't hold water or is too special to fill and risk rust?
then just do this!
you can even do it with a brown bag lunch sack for a cute little casual look.
just put the cup in the sack and fold it down a little.

no foliage in the water.
slimy leaves makes it gross quicker.

i didn't even add anything but the flowers this time.
and even though the mouth of the tin was pretty big for the little bunch of ranunculus, the cup inside was smaller and helped hold those little stems upright. 

now i have this little bouquet.
 i can smell it while looking at this circus themed photo shoot.
and dreaming about seeing this movie.

i read the book on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (yep. done. that's just how i roll)
circus circus circus.
love it!


  1. I totally want to see that movie, too! I've been debating about reading the book...I'm guessing it was a good read?

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous and I love them in the animal crackers tin!!!
    *Havent seen the book or heard of the movie. Will have to check it out.

  3. i just started that book last night because i actually think i might be obsessed with watching the trailer for the movie, it gives me goose bumps! i just read her newest book, the ape house, and it was so good. i think in the second picture you look just like ella--or ella looks just like you : ) love the flowers, ranunculus are one of mt most faves but i can't find them here too often except from the florist. cute, cute tin.

  4. Your bangs look fabulous. I haven't heard of that movie either.

  5. We are living parallel lives. I cut my own bangs last week and I also have that same exact tin. I found it at a thrift store for 10 cents. Right now it's in my pantry holding Crystal Light packettes for my water bottles but it's too cute to not copy you. Going out to cute some flowers! Looking forward to seeing you at BlogSugar. I will try not to copy what you will be wearing that night.

  6. Love the flowers in the circus tin~so simple and cute. And I just saw the preview for Water for Elephants and I.can't.wait. I adored the book, I have fingers crossed that the movie is as good!

  7. I was JUST talking to my sister about ranunculus a couple of hours ago! I love them!!! Great tip!

  8. ok LOVE that little tin. where did she get it? what a cute idea. And the flowers you have are so LOVELY in it.

    read that book in less than a week as well (about 2 weeks ago) - really good. Excited for the movie too. Funny thing is while reading it I didn't realize Robert Pattinson was playing the main character!

  9. those flowers look so good in that tin!
    your bangs may be annoying but i think they look super cute!
    i want to see that movie too! how was the book? worth reading?

  10. good work on the flowers in that tin. i know my mom has that tin so i'm going to steal it from her. i didn't even know that movie was out. i am so NOT WITH IT. but now i want to see it. the cast=be still my heart.

  11. I read that book too! Soooo good. Have you read Jane Eyre? Even better & the new movie just came out that I'm dying to see, cause the older 80's ones are horrible! Ok one more book recommendation.... Pillars of the Earth. One if my fav books ever! You should read it, it's like 1000 pages, but og so great!

  12. I really need to get the hair dresser - I should make a change, do something bold... or just get a trim. Love your happy bouquet and really like what you're doing with the 40 Bags 40 Days. That's exactly what I need to do - SPRING CLEANING!

  13. That first photo is ahhhhmazing. And yeah, isn't that book the best?!

  14. 1. Ranunculus (Ranunculii?? Ha) are my fave. Oh, to live in a place that sold them at the strawberry stand. In March.

    2. I need a bang trim.

    3. I can't get over the Vampire guy with Reese! Doesn't seem right. That one had to have thrown her for a loop, too. Dontcha think??

  15. the flowers--so pretty! and i loved water for elephants--def excited for the flick~ happy weekend!

  16. Great share, Shauna! Thanks! And hope you like your new haircut :)