i just have to share these photos of my cute tough boys enjoying their new thing.
i have never wanted to over commit my small children to a bunch of events and games and sports stuff.
because of that, we really haven't been involved in many extra activities.
my kids love playing together and going to the park and riding scooters and being active.
ella still naps and is just getting into phase of being able to skip naps and still function.
so this is our very first "thing"
for some reason i new this'd be a fit.
it encourages things that are so good for my boys.
controlled power.
all things that that they can use some work on.
they are so tired and hungry and proud after.

plus the studio is right next door to yogurtland...need i say more?


  1. I love the pic of Ty with his head on his hand...what a silly guy!!!


  2. So fun and adorable! I want to put my five year old in karate, but my husband thinks it encourages fighting. Any thoughts? Thanks Gevay

  3. so cute! i think i need to enroll my boys into karate... get some of their extra energy out!! :)

  4. now that is cute. i mean tough...and cool : )

  5. So cute-- and I agree about too many activities. We did the soccer thing years ago, until we were all thoroughly exhausted and just ready for it to be over. Now, after a 5 year break from all sports, my 3rd born will start gymnastics tomorrow. It's so him. All the things they need: focus, action, strength...plus great photo ops for mama. ;) Just wish we had a yogurt place next door.

  6. awesome. my 2 year old is starting to need an outlet. and since he can't swim all his yayas out and become the next michael phelps (sans the drug use), i'm looking into tumbling. do you think i'm just asking for an E.R. visit though??