yesterday i spent a lovely morning with ella and our friends joy and gracie.
we had breakfast and then went to disneyland for a few hours.
ella had such fun with a little girl her age (this just doesn't happen often).
and i had a blast with my friend too!
everyone wins.
i can't WAIT until we do it again!

on a side note:
i usually leave my big camera at home on disney trips, accept for our first trip, but i just felt like i should be the one to man the camera (on auto, mind you) for this sweet lady that is used to constantly being behind the camera. she is so pretty and makes it her business to bring the beauty out in the people around her.
i was trying to upload a photo that the disney people took of all four of us at the front of the park.(can't figure it out!)
it was so funny.
the old guy manning the camera was posing us all (hands on hips!) and telling us not to be afraid of letting our kids wear sunglasses in pictures since they were squinting a lot...ok, maybe it was just funny to me...to hear this funny clueless guy give joy photography advise, but it was one of my favorite parts of the day. really.


  1. Such beautiful pics - my kids dream of going there oneday!

  2. How fun! Love it! So funny about the disney photographer giving Joy tips... she is the last person that needs them!! hah

  3. ...hand on the hips! hahaha...that made me laugh

  4. I like how you can slip Disneyland in there like it's just going to the park down the street. I suppose that's what it is really isn't it? The best park in the whole world! :)

  5. awww thank you friend!!!! it always takes me a week before i read blogs so when i get to yours it is always like Christmas morning with so many wonderful gifts. :) :) that camera guy was so funny, such an awesome way to start the day. LOL! i laugh just thinking about it!!! "now whatever you do, do not hold hands and you ladies stand behind the girls and put your hands on your hips". LOL. maybe i will try that at my next family session. ;) it was such a wonderful day, one that must be done again and again. i haven't seen my gracie girl that happy in perhaps ever. thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxoxo