today i wore a onesie.

it is a onesie  (1-sy, won-sie?)...with coo-lots (coollots, cool lots, cu-lots.....um.......)
i am not sure if either of these descriptions are even words....
yah, here it is again...
yes those are boots with it...i am gutsy.
have you seen that baby at target?
floral. big bow over the boobs.
i rocked that puppy today at d-land.

we ditched school.
got krispy kreme.
and went to the happiest place on earth(that is a very questionable name, btw).

we had a dandy time.
until naptime came.
and no one was napping.
and after a late night watching "pupunzel" on the garage, a nap was very very necessary.
ella freaked out that her ice cream was served in a cup instead of a cone.
delicious strawberry ice cream smothered in way too many sprinkles....was in. a. cup.
when i handed it to her she gave me the "what is this sh*%" look and busted out in tears and carrying on.
for 20 minutes.
my other (nice) children were eating sweetly.
what could i do?
throw all the ice-cream way and leave the park?
i sat down in the shade and turned her away from us while she said over and over in a super naughty pouty voice, "i am not your daughter"
how naughty is that?
i feel bad for the people sitting around us.
she was pretty loud.
but, really, what could i do.
well, i guess besides NOT taking my kids to disneyland when they need a nap ;)

we finally ignored her for long enough that she joined into our determinedly calm game of 20 questions.
and ate some "disgusting" sprinklishious ice cream.
happiest place on earth.


i am so behind on reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.
i miss you guys!
life has got in my way lately.
but i guess that is a good thing right?
thank you for all your love and support with the posts about my mom.
that makes a difference in my life.


  1. this is wonderful.

  2. well you rocked that onsie honey...dont even trip!!!!


  3. wow way to go out in a onsie! it looked great on ya too.

    ella is too cute! but really ice cream not in a cone who could blame her?


  4. also loving the picture up top too cute!

  5. april is right, you totally rocked it. ; ) and yes, coolots are real...i am a child of the 70's ya know. yep, totally real.
    oh ella, girlfriend was a hot mess over the ice cream fit, huh? oh how i remember those days so well. i can kind of laugh with you, but definitely not at you, just glad it wasn't me this time. you are an awesome mom for cutting out on school and the krispy kremes...i'm coming next time!

  6. Oh my. The big bow across the chest would be soooo bad on my big bazoombas(but you can totally pull it off).
    One question: were people asking you why your kids werent in school? I get that ALL.THE.TIME. with my kindergartener(who Im homeschooling this year) as if its any of their business. I was just curious or if they arent nosy enough top ask out there.
    And lastly, "Im not your daughter." Get outta here. I would've cried.
    Overall, it sounds like a great day. I hope today is another great one. With naps:)

  7. love the onesie..gosh I laughed out load about the ice cream, sounds just like my daughter..

  8. what a fun day!
    you look hot in a onsie! and i feel you on the kids tantrum thing. ry is throwing me for a loop!!! ugh

  9. O...M...cuteness! i look forward to the day i can rock a onesie. until then, i'm sticking with sweats. BAM!

  10. dudette! you rock! I totally wore 'onesie's all summer last year! and i plan on doing it again, once i have this baby! :)

  11. you are a good mom.

    that wears a onsie.

  12. We call em "Romper's" and I like all the pictures of you these days here. It can be hard to be honest with ourselves about what we look like/feel like/act like AND still be KIND to ourselves.
    I was doing a movement therapy class this week and she started it by acknowledging how difficult it is for us to even turn towards each other with nothing to shield our body - no computer, no desk, no pillow to hug and shield with. I really appreciated her saying, ok ya'll - society acts like we are all reallly really comfortable with this BODY that we are in but the reality is that we might not be. And that's ok. Acknowledge your fear. Take a deep breath. Listen to your body. Be good to yourself.