it's here. brace yourselves.

ok people.
here i go.
40 bags of stuff i don't need or want....
taken out of my house.

i've got my 40 bags.
i've broken up my work into roughly 40 areas.
i have chosen the maiden voyage.
bag in hand.
i am determined.

say goodbye to clutter.
40 bags in 40 days.
starts now.


  1. I love this! My word of the year is "simplify". I'm tackling my closet this week. I can't wait to see what you get done!

  2. I LOVE this idea. I am totally copying you. I could probably do 80 bags...:)

  3. What a fabulous idea! I wanna here all about it!

  4. wooot! shauna- this is one of my goals for the year...maybe the only one i am actually working on?! (oooops) good for you! i am really trying to get the clutter under control this year. for real. because a cluttered house is a cluttered mind is a cluttered heart. : )

  5. You go girl! I know there are a bunch of bloggers doing this. I do it on such a regular basis now that I dont need to dictate a certian time to do it:)
    Go figure that decrapifying our homes makes us feel more simplified in every area. But less to dust=more happiness as far as Im concerned:)

  6. I'm doing it too! I am so excited! I feel like an issue of Real Simple!

  7. anyone want to come and help little old me?!?!?!?
    i did a mini declutter last weekend but i need a huge one done.
    when i get rid of stuff, it makes my heart feel lighter.
    why is that?!

    good luck shauna!!!
    can't wait to hear how your life is simplified through the clean up!!

  8. My decluttering is going on this week as the Purple Heart veterns are scheduled for a pick up Friday morning. :) Good luck!

  9. so proud of you for committing to this!
    it will be hard but it will be so good!

  10. seriously i need to do this so bad ! if i do i wont only give you credit .... i will love you forever for the inspiration of getting my home in order ! blessings friend.xo

  11. wow, it is so funny how differently we are doing the exact same thing :) i love it. i couldn't imagine another way to do a lot of things until you came along, little friend. thanks for that. again.

  12. This is genius, your hand clutching the trash bag looks determined and inspired (yup, got all that from a hand clutch picture...I'm very insightful). I am 37 weeks pregnant and a nesting FIEND. Nothing is safe in this house right now. I even went through the drawer in the kitchen where I keep the soup ladles. If I find I am missing a child I know where to look, the donation station at Goodwill.