this is my sister singing and leading her church in worship on March 20th.
her testimony is overwhelming.
her story is not my story to tell, but watch this video and be amazed that exactly 8 years before this video was taken, my sweet gracie's mom was taken away from her......for a while(until we meet again in heaven).
she was 14.
what the enemy meant for evil (our mother's cancer), God meant for good.
and when i look at her singing i think....victory.
how do ya like them apples you evil prowling lion?

Grace Laxson :: Special Music from Antioch Church on Vimeo.


  1. take that! she's amazing shauna. AMAZING!
    how do i get my hands on some of her music on cd form please. i love her style!!

  2. um i love her. like ALOT. i need her music. does she write it?

  3. LOVE her music! LOVE her voice!
    what an amazing gift.
    did she write it all on her own?
    so beautiful!

  4. beautiful!
    GOD is good!

    ha! evil prowling lion.

  5. um wow. i have chills. and i want a CD.

  6. that made my heart feel good....<3

  7. love this. beautiful & just the kind of voice i love listening to. glad that she has this gift in the healing process, too!

    [this is my first visit here. love your space..your take on life.] =)

  8. she makes me want to cry. actually, God makes me want to cry and she just communicates HIS SPIRIT so very well...

  9. Wow - amazing alright - beautiful voice, words and knowing the story a bit behind it all moves me!

  10. unreal.
    love her.
    she is special.
    it's obvious.

  11. tears,amazing hauntingly beautiful,so full of talent it is overflowing.