well, us reeds are makin' time.
we are in escrow.
i am going over to hawaii to house hunt tomorrow.
we had our last holiday in this home.
my house has been loud and messy and full this last week.
my sisters have both been staying here as well as reedo's parents.
my kids are in heaven.
my kids are confused and acting out.
my kids are working the system.
things just keep moving and i can barely keep up.

i guess my whole season of waiting is over then, huh?
in less than a month we will be residents of hawaii.

i don't know how my blog will fit in. to this month.
will you still be my friend if i don't blog for a month?

how 'bout this,
i show you a very special sister time i had with my talented sisters and you promise to still be my friend even if i forget about blogging until 2013.


ps. how rad does gracie look with her head shaved?
she is the brave one.
and the pretty one.
val and i both agree.



  1. That video brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. Full of grace and love. *happy sigh* Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Oh my gosh...you three girls are so precious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I know your mother must be so proud to have such strong girls to follow after her as she listens to this. :)

  3. Sisters. Such a special thing! This brought tears to my eyes. The harmonies, the sweet, loving glances at one another. Lovely.

  4. I say it's a deal! Be safe and have fun house hunting!

  5. When is the album coming up?
    Beautiful, beautiful music.
    Beautiful, beautiful women.
    Have a safe trip to Hawaii, friend.

  6. That was gorgeous, friend!
    I can't wait to see what God has in store next for your family.
    I'll be reading! Whenever and whatever you write, I'll be reading. :)

  7. I will be reading! I love how even if you say you might feel lost or not sure or whatever you post that is going on, you always have faith. I love to read your posts and am excited and anxious about your move, as if I know you in real life. It will all work out, I'm sure, it's just the uncertainty of going to a new place. I'll keep checking back. Please update! Enjoy your house hunting. Oh, and the three of you have beautiful voices. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This gave me chills, how stunningly beautiful and gifted you 3 are! Gracie looks awesome! What a brave girl! Congrats being in escrow:) have fun house hunting! We will miss you if you take a break but we will be here waiting!:) merry Christmas if your gone that long:)))

  9. So beautiful! This gave me goosebumps :) I'll definitely still be reading! Good luck in Hawaii!

  10. Safe travels and move and I'll be on the lookout for new updates. Praying you easily find a place that will work for your family.

  11. Goosebumps!!! Gorgeous!!! Such an exciting adventure and I'm sure if can feel so overwhelming. There is grace...so much grace when you cry out for it. Grace to not post too....ha! Just promise lots of pretty island pics in the near future!!! : )

  12. So SO beautiful!! what an amazing relationship you have with your sisters. have so much fun house hunting!!

  13. awww...i love that you got to do this with your sisters before you move.
    so beautiful...so emotion filled.
    happy house hunting, pretty girl.

  14. the three of you are ridiculously talented. and beautiful. ridiculous. i have always wished i could sing. and yes, gracie looks amazing. go find a house! and we're still friends if you never blog again but i don't want that.

    ps-- you can't quit IG though, i would miss you way too much.

  15. It will all fall into place. The blog can wait. Very excited for you. Is it wrong I wish it was me;)?

  16. O my LOVE!!! When are ya'11 going on tour??? What a perfect way to end a crazy week... listening to that beautiful harmony. Will be anxiously waiting a Hawaii update!!!

  17. In tears.
    And yes.
    We will all be waiting for you to return.
    None of us going anywhere.

  18. Oh wow... I'm totally speechless!! Blown away by how absolutely beautiful that video was!! Crazy talent!!! I'll be praying you find what you are looking for in Hawaii (and so much more).

  19. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  20. Beautiful harmonies. Just beautiful. Warms my heart.

  21. Way talented. I can see the love between you and your sisters. I recognize it. I'm one of three sisters too. How blessed are we?

  22. Way talented. I can see the love between you and your sisters. I recognize it. I'm one of three sisters too. How blessed are we?