here and there

i feel like i am living two lives.

one where i am planning our new life in hawaii.
a life that doesn't have a home connected to it yet.
a life that is completely unfamiliar.
a life that is surrounded by beauty.
a life that is surrounded by the unknown.
 a life where i am my children's primary teacher.
(yes, i mean homeschool. i'm scared and excited.)
a life away from the family and friends that we have in california 

but then, there is still life happening here.

school reports
family celebrations
rainy day naps
play time

school gift exchanges
field trips
friends that want to say goodbye

how can i be two places at once, i ask you?

as you can see, i am doing it.
i'm living two lives.
please pray for peace.
or something.


  1. girl...i so know how you feel. we just did this a year ago. would you slap me if i said i still felt unsettled?? you'll get there. you will. it's gonna be a hairy month...but you'll get there.

    and ummmm, homeschooling!?! what?? i'm excited for you!! ask me anything!*

    *i may or may not lie to you and say it's super fun and exciting all the time and there's no stress involved ;)

  2. I've also been through this - a year and a half ago moving from CA (ALL our family and many many great friends) to PA. God is good, all the time. Even though it wasn't easy at all. Definitely feeling more settled now. Loving the beauty (and absence of cement everywhere) in a new place. Loving the changes in nature and seasons, most of the time. Except the summer humidity and freak east coast two (!) hurricanes. Still aching for people I don't get to see. Exploring as a family. Growing and stretching and watching God do amazing things and things that I didn't expect. Allowing myself to grow in reaching out to new people around me. Watching Him be the God of my children in new and exciting ways. Watching Him grow up my husband in ways that might not have happened in CA and the way our relationship has evolved through the change. Hang on to Him and your family. :)

  3. I sure like journeying alongside you. Praying for peace.

    Sometimes I think that I'm always living in 2 places. I never used to feel that way, but it started when things got wild and crazy over here and now I sort of feel like I'm living *here* and I'm living in *what happens next*, because God's always shifting us around in one way or another, you know? I guess I've learned not to get too settled in or comfortable.

    This sounds sort of depressing. I don't mean it to be! It's exciting. And real. And I can't wait to see what happens next for you.

  4. What a wonderful life you are planning. Keep your eyes on the prize...you'll get there!
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  5. praying shauna!
    i know you are keeping God in the center of things...everything will transition smoothly.

  6. A very exciting time in your life! Don't be afraid to homeschool-you can do it...If I can do it, you certainly can. :)

    Keeping your family in my prayers all the way down from FL.

  7. Glad things are going well on both homefronts for you! We made a cross country move a year ago and it was a doozy...but wonderful, all at the same time. My hubby lived in Hawaii for three years for business before we were even dating. For him, it wasn't a great place to live, but we LOVE to go there on vacation! Hope everything works out for your family!

  8. awwww....of course you are doing it!
    with the Lord steady at the helm, there is nothing to fear.
    He is our strength. isn't that a relief?

    i will pray for you, shauna, and homeschool? you're gonna LOVE it.
    LOVE it. :)

  9. marvelous pictures. excited for your journey.

  10. So exciting!!! Looks like you're hanging in there just perfectly.

  11. sweet pics, lady. and you are certainly handling this "here and there" living with grace and peace. i'm not sure how (well, i can guess that it starts with a "J" and ends with an "esus") and i can't see myself having that kind of clarity, but i'm watching it happen in you and it's sorta beautiful.

  12. I'm following along on this journey with you and will be praying, all the way.

  13. Peace will come...go with it all & it will come...love the photos. And random question, where did you get the bow & arrow set? I must have it for my boys!!
    Wishing you joy in all the overcoming moments...

    1. Jody, the bow and arrow is from the disney store. it is the "brave" set.