chistmas feels...different this year.
i mean, if you've read my blog for long you know that every early December i get all dramatic and sorta depressed about what christmas can be instead of the real point of what it actually is.
i'm sorta like a broken record.
i'm kinda sick of myself.
but i still do it.

this year, I'm sure there are lost of things that i can be whiney about.
not much is what i expected, this month.
so instead of taking inventory of things that are/aren't fulfilling my expectations, i am trying to look harder.
i am trying to see all God's gifts around me.
and as usual my Daddy is extravagant with me.

streaming sunlight
a christmas tree that i somehow set up all by my big girl self
one on one time with my children
awesome wrapping paper at target
great christmas music
time with my sister
sending my kids to school for two more weeks
a new car stereo from reedo that plays my iphone music
antiquing finds
cold weather
looking forward to new adventures



  1. are we twinkies? seriously.
    i feel the same way every december... i can't explain it and i feel like i am the only one that feels that way. i'm sick of myself too but haven't figured out a way to get past it, deal with it and celebrate in a way that is right for us.
    i do have to say that i am seriously impressed that you decorated for christmas and you are getting ready to move. me? ummmm... i still haven't decorated :(
    thanks for this.

  2. i'm so out of the loop and just found out you were moving!! all i have to say is..
    can you take me with you?!?! :) pretty please
    i get like this every december as well.. i kill myself trying to make get my kids to understand what the REAL christmas is about and who it's about. sometimes i just think i'm talking to an empty room. but i'll keep doing it every.single. year because it's SO important.
    anyways, can't wait to hear your updates about your move.
    girl, can we not have picked a more stressful time of the year for big life changes?? (me=new baby (#4) and you=moving) haha :)