christmas and coconuts

have been over to look at heather's 
Home Made Lovely christmas additions?
oh man, they are so great!

I was supposed to do one before the whole "Hawaii situation"
but i will maybe get to participate next year....
maybe mele kalikimaka style?
i feel a little sad.
we do have a few decorations up.

But not the usual.
and when i see all the amazing stuff out there, it gets me inspired, but i know i need to just take a break and remember to prioritize for our particular season.
i'm just telling you that it's a tiny bit hard.

we are having some pretty awesome/crazy happenings over here at our reed house though...

1. missing reedo and then welcoming him home way more often than we are used to.
2. song writing on the kitchen table.
3. cruisin' in our rental mini van....fancy! (it has a DVD player!)
4. enjoying my last day of kids at school
5. listening to our princess "perform" by the fire.
6. christmas treat making.
7. manchild holding.
8. saying goodbye to the pathfinder while she is shipped over the big big sea.
9. reading up on manners in the big tub.
you know, the usual.

i also discovered the whole "coconut oil for your face" thing.
do you know about this already?
so, if you don't already know, it is like the most amazing product.
you can cook with it and just put it everywhere!
do you want to know 101 things you can do with it?
then read this.

I've tried a few of those things.
but being a lady, i don't have a need to mention them all here.

but i will share that my favorite use is as a face wash.
i keep the trader joes tub of it by my sink and i made a salt shaker full of baking soda to keep there too.
i just scoop out some oil(about the size of a peanut M&M) 
and do two or three shakes of the baking soda into my hand with it.
rub it together and then onto my face for like a minute or so.
then rinse and pat dry 
then re-apply just a little around my eyes and on and around my lips(my wrinkle areas)
i'm telling you.
it's not greasy.
it smells good.
the jar is like $5.99

i will say that you can adjust the amount of baking soda if you feel it's too abrasive for everyday scrubbing.
or you can just use the oil.
it removes eye make-up beautifully!

try it out and tell me what you think!

hey look! i blogged!
and it's not even 2013 yet!
and just because this was awesome...
and quite startling...

happy happy happy christmas to you 
from us reeds.


  1. hello, spidey! :)
    that would totally freak me out for a minute. :)
    i looove coconut oil for my face. love it.
    and then i discovered jojoba oil, which is even better(for me!).
    i have super acne skin and they both just calmed it right down and felt so soothing. love em
    even though Christmas looks different for you this year, your attitude is amazing, and you are such a great mama, we all know you're making it great! (have that rad paper and LOVE it!)
    Merry Christmas Reeds!

  2. I'm tryin this!! Love me some coconut oil!

  3. Oh and Merry Christmas to you and yours dear!!!

  4. this is the 3rd time in the last week i've read of the wonders of coconut oil - hhhmmm...must say i'm intrigued. :)

    great 'everyday' pics! i see many of the same scenes 'round my own parts - blessings on your journey ahead!!


  5. Just so ya know I'm completely addicted to coconut oil because of you. Saw your IG feed and tried it. Love! Smells beyond good and works lovely. Just wish it came out of the jar easier.

  6. um, yes. coconut oil- I'm a believer. it is SO good for SO many things!! ;)