little darlin'

the little darlin' turned five today.

(fringe boots $21at kohls. because i know you'll ask...)
she told me she decided to stop sucking her thumb.
the dentist always tries to tell her to stop.
i roll my eyes.
her brothers remind her over and over that the dentist told her to stop.
i tell the boys maybe they should try listening to the dentist for their own teeth instead of their sisters business.

her grandma sent her a wrist corsage to wear to school.
it was completely fancy and amazing for her.

i found this doll at pottery barn kids.
it was something ridiculous like $50 dollars or something.
but this was the last floor model and her head was almost completely off her neck.
so my pal lena helped me bargain her down to $14.97.
i brought her home and stitched her neck up and cleaned her up a bit.
she has blue eyes and a little pink pout and she is clearly an island girl.
sailboats on her dress and a lily in her hair.
we named her ella-lani.
i like a girl who is a little bit run down, but has a good story.
i bet a looooooot of girls played with her at PB kids before she made it to us....

today we had an on open house.
dozens of people have been through the reed home in the last two days.
that's how long its been on the market.
i'm hoping to be in escrow by the weekend.
then we will be.....homeless?
freaky and liberating at the same time.



  1. Wow Shauna... praying for you in all the rush and chaos of home showings. Those can be an experience all on their own.
    P.S. Ive always secretly lusted over that silver bell:)
    (Virtual) Hugs from NY

  2. prayin that you find a buyer FAST! :)
    also, that corsage is the sweetest. fancy! :)

  3. oh my gosh, selling a house is sooo stressful!! keeping it clean 24/7...stress me out!! hoping it sells super fast! and ya...my sophie still sucks her thumb. i roll my eyes big time. if she needs braces, she needs braces. oh well. and yes, her brothers try to tell her that the dentist told her to stop...not really workin.

  4. happy birthday to lila!! we have the same one. :-)
    still praying for you guys!!

  5. Oh, sweet thumb sucker!
    I was a thumb girl when I was wee too.
    My parents tried everything... Even pinning socks to my pajamas so I couldn't get at my thumbs at night.
    It was crazy town.
    I did stop on my own... And I DID have braces!
    But guess what?!
    All of that doesn't really matter.
    My teeth are picture perfect now... And I'm sure hers will be one day too.
    They aren't little forever... Tell that to your dentist.
    Treasure her last sign of baby ness!
    Good luck selling!!
    So stressful with kids.
    Been there.

  6. she will probably need braces either way.
    i stopped eventually.
    i don't even remember it....i remember sucking my thumb but i don't remember deciding to stop.
    i just did.
    i think i was around 8.
    your house is so pretty. i will be praying for your sale! :)
    i wish i could just hang out with you tonight.
    that would rock.

  7. Happy Birthday Little Darlin'. 5 is fun!!!