the reed kids help their auntie move...

a super happy thing for us this last month has been that my little sister moved back to california!
we've missed her so much and now she is back within an hour car ride!
drove up to see her cute new little place and attempt to help her get settled.
help as much as three little children can...

and when we were done "helping" we made her take us on a tour of her new town.

they had a fancy bridal shoppe where ella and aunt val window shopped while the boys made annoying comments and complaints...

and we found a cheesecake factory for a "grown up dinner"

aunt val set up her keyboard and played a little james taylor for a sing-a-long

it was a day of fun and tantrums
but the bottom line is that she's back
and we are happy

welcome home valley girl!



  1. Aloha friend!
    That is so great to have your sis around… I love cali! :)
    Your pictures are always so great…You capture life well!
    (Haven't heard any updates from you in awhile…drop me a line sometime! :))
    Take care--