good things

there are some stressful things happening over here these days.
big choices.
life changing choices.
things that i can't share quite yet.
and i could eeeeeeeasily get pulled under.
you know what i mean?
i just stand teetering on the edge of loosing it lots of the time.
 so you know what sometimes just makes me take a deep breath and calm down?
  reading my own blog.
it's like i forget about what i think and how i can get my thoughts organized enough to blog every so often.
looking back at myself, my pictures and words really helps sometimes.
do you do that?
i guess its taking a minute to look at the the over all good instead of getting buried by the details that are just a bit overwhelming at times.

so tonight i blog about the good.
i breath deep and slow.

she's around me now, a lot more than before
we "helped" her move in

my little muse

amy found this tablecloth with pictures of ella and i baking!
she knows me so well

he ran for office
good try little buddy, ya can't win um all

i've watched um all so far, have you?

i almost cried when i realized that the video camera button was NOT pushed during jake's campaign speech

i canot, for the life of me, find those blue shoes.  they are lost. i hate lost shoes.

a family walk resulted in this special picture.  i wished i lived in it.

he took a walk with me
stayed by my side the whole way

who doesn't appreciate a good target purchase?

we have loved waiting for her brothers at the park after school.
i thought she want to go play, but she usually stays by me and wants to talk about rainbow sparkly things.
fine by me lil sis.

finding peace and goodness in the waiting.
i can easily forget to do that.
i can easily get obsessive about the future and trying to understand and control everything.
so, here i am trying to just look at what i have today.
not forward or back, just now.
trusting Him for my future.



  1. mmmmmmmhmmmm.
    waiting in contentment can be so hard sometimes, but i have to say, you do it beautifully. :)
    so sorry about the video camera incident, but i think the fact that he stayed with you the whole way makes it a little better. :)
    i have watched all of the debates...the last one made my blood pressure skyrocket, i'm pretty sure.

    so glad He controls everything, otherwise i'd be a mess pretty much every day. wait. i am a mess, but He makes it all better.

  2. yep totally understand about focusing on the goodness. we recently found out we're moving to japan next summer for 3 years because of my husband's work! all i can think is wow and try to focus on this day, this weekend - and drink plenty of chai and burn fall candles and play with my baby to distract myself from the to do list that accompany a change like that. lovely photos as always :)

  3. i know you don't like them...
    but sending you lots of hugs.
    they're not in real life, so hopefully they'll be ok for you!! :)
    praying that your heart is prepared for whatever awaits.

  4. oh, the not obsessing and trying to control the future and have faith without the freak out is so hard for me. it's really tough. getting pulled under with crazy thoughts is not good, i know, so keep looking back over your blog and lovely pictures, write it all down and breathe deeply. hang in there.
    and i am still laughing about "publicity chairman" : ) only in california? so funny. and teh picture of ella on the table cloth makes me really happy, too.

  5. Love you so sister. Can't wait to see all the good things to come:)

  6. Girl, I hope things shake your way sooner than later. It's so hard trying to wait and figure stuff out. But you've got the right spirit - focus on the positive!

    As such, your muse is slaying me, I love her blue shoes AND your brown ones, and you appear to live somewhere close to heaven. You and your people are some of my faves.

  7. Hold on to Him Shauna. Focus on your blessings(those good things...there are many) and the cloud will pass. It always does. Sending love and prayers your way today.

    1. dearest shauna noel, to quote one of my favorite people,"how does one tell when a piece of fruit is ripe? it yields to pressure." i made so many mistakes when i was a young wife and mother attempting to figure out-manipulate-control. i often did not enjoy the present moment and wound up spreading a bit of yuck in my wake. i was eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of from the tree of LIFE - His LIFE. you are exactly where you should be - resting in Him and in the moment, thankful for all He has provided. i am confident of His Life in you directing your path. xoxoxo

  8. I read my own blog. It's all so pretty and tidy there. Therapeutic ;)

  9. just take it one minute at a time.
    that's what I do when i feel like i might get swallowed up.
    it helps so much.
    it's just so much easier to hear Jesus that way, too.
    love you friend!

  10. plenty of goodness here to think on!
    cling to jesus, praying for ya! xo

  11. keep on keepin', ms. shauna. hate waiting. and i hate big decisions. we're in a waiting/transition time too. i hear ya.

  12. Love reading your blog - and borrowing some of your positive spirit (hope you don't mind). Blessings to you!

  13. oh girl. i completely understand. i'm a big mess when i can't control things (like our future).
    i'm expecting #4 right and it's got me a little stressed out (figuring our new routines, baby stuff
    even less attention for the others in my time, etc) so i have to be careful and on guard with the
    thoughts that i allow to 'dwell' in my heart. praying for guidance and comfort for you!