these days..

these days,
we have gotten into the swing of school days.
we have a good routine that is helping us NOT be late all the time.
it is busy and i go back and forth to the school four times a day, but it has really been working for us.

our secret to not being late is hitting the a-joining park for 10-20 before school.
this has helped relieve the sting of the reed bros. not sharing the same recess times this year as well as helps get some wiggles out of my little reedos.
plus that motivation to get to the park is a lot higher than it might be to get to class.
hmmmm. interesting huh?
it works for us.

we hit the park,
we drop off the boys
 and then ella and i head back home for a little snuggling.

we do hair and watch cartoons and we've even baked cookies in that 90 minutes or so.
i really love that time.
it sorta takes the place of that old snacktime together.
last year, we had so many awkward 45 minute times of waiting around and it was in places that were too faraway to make sense to come home.
but this year we have way more usable time.

then.....i drop her off!
and i have 4 whole hours by myself!!
i'm telling you, people, i can think again!
i can have my own ideas and thoughts and i can just breathe with out people all over me asking questions and needing help.

it's the best thing to happen to me since i actually birthed these kids.
some of you may be shocked at this kind of talk, but don't fret. 
we are all different and i don't gasp in amazement that you sleep with your children in your bed or cry when they leave or feel incomplete if you have a few hours away from them.
this is just my thing.
i NEED time by myself.

and then
i come back and pick her up.
i bring a picnic blanket and a snack.
i've missed her.
she hugs and kisses me all i want.
she's missed me.

and the world is as it should be
then come our boys darting over to our picnic

it's a good routine.

these days,
i have a sister in the same state again!

we are all so happy about that!
it just feels right to be close.

these days,
we've been collecting our halloween costumes early.

because we didn't want them to run out of the muscle-y ones before october again!

ella doesn't have hers together yet.
she's going to be the less well known "firestar".
from the original cartoons called spiderman and his amazing friends.
i have to make that one.
but she doesn't lack costumes, i can guarantee you that....

and here she is being a "ballerina photog" 
what else?

these days we are plugging right along
bein' a family.

how about you?
what are you up to these days?



  1. I totally feel you about being happy to be alone. I used to feel guilty that I wasn't missing the kids more, or more sad about them being away from me, but I'm okay with it now. This is just the way I am, the way God made me. It makes me a better mommy when they get home.

    Thanks ;)

  2. having alone time is life breathing!
    i SO get it!
    i home school my kids, and i NEED alone time.
    NEED it.
    love the pics of your lovely life....and spidey in the bushes is my fave! coolest pic!

    1. so-o-o-o happy to hear miss val is home - she looks beautiful.

  3. sweet post. I used to suck my thumb just like that...your a good mommy. Mica @ The Child's Paper AKA Frolicking Freckles

  4. i like the requirement to kiss your mommy. mine forget all too often when i drop them at school! and the best is captain america with a shield in one hand and a guy in the other.

  5. you are such a good mama. i'm inspired. love you.

  6. Oh, I love this. I'm the same way with NEEEEEEEEDing alone time. This year, I get 5 hours per week. Huzzah! :) But I'll take it. And I do. With a smile. And maybe sometimes a nap.

  7. we are so much alike. i need that time or i am a super grouchy, grumpy and snappy mom. not good. happy you are getting some time to think this year, thinking is good . and necessary. : ) love the muscle-bound boys. too cute. and the photog ballerina, super sweet.

    1. ok - just remembered I have pictures of my now 24 y/o sons wearing Spiderman(Gabe), and Captain America(Alex) plastic face masks and shields - ONLY. They must have put them on after a bath in a random moment of mayhem. One of them had his shield tilted at about a 30 degree angle exposing all. Would never be able to post them on a blog. Good memory tho!

    2. WOW! I MUST add they were 3 at the time!!!

  8. i agree 100%
    but you knew that already.
    it gets even better when they all go all day.
    they love it and you love it.
    it's awesome.

  9. No, really truly, four hours...heck...45 minutes all to your self can make a new woman out of a very tired, worn thin, heaven help me mamma. I love a good routine. Love it. I know others feel choked or stifled. It keeps me at the right place at the right time. Otherwise I would be still wondering around Walmart right now and I don't even like Walmart. May your days be well....not too organized....but just enough!

  10. Such happy pictures!! I'm begging God right now for more me time! I definitely NEED it! There's a gal in my neighborhood who has been coming over two days a week for a few hours in the afternoon just so I can get away and refuel. It's hard to run on empty and it's better for us all if I get a break every now and then.