ten moments in my day.

eating alone
 listening to my music
thinking my own thoughts
neverending piles
antique browsing with "no heat curls"
finally just went for it
i've had my eye on it for months
she liked it
this was her picture idea
we meet at the park after school
today i brought their guys
i am not a supporter of homework
nothing you say can make me change my mind
a box of sunshine all packed up
just in time for the thunder storm tomorrow?
counseling session after being excluded
she really wants a "best sister friend like jake and ty have"
she's not getting one
i told her i'd be her best friend.
jar pies are going pumpkin tonight
i'll let you know how it goes...


  1. 1. Our kids have similar builds. Have we had this conversation before?

    2. I am not a HW supporter either...as a mom or a teacher.

    3. The best sister friend comment slays me. Poor Ella. :(

  2. i always enjoy your posts so much. i love that box of sunshine idea. :]

  3. ookkk, a few things here:

    a. i love your new sign, i want to go junking. i should.

    b. i'm tired of the piles. they are everywhere. but right now they're dirty. boo.

    c. my sophie is always left out. i hate it. although yesterday they played outside for nearly FIVE hours...yes, five...alll together. i am still in shock!

    d. MUST know about those jar pies in the pumpkin variety. i really really need to make jar pies in my life and it's time for pumpkin. do tell...

  4. hmmmmm......pumpkin jar pies sound divine right now!
    and your laundry looks like my laundry.....everywhere.
    i love that you went for the sign. so cute! it's so fun to come home with treasures. :)
    also, why can't ella have a best sister friend? ;)

  5. I do not love homework either. I feel like that is all we do. My poor children are at school for 6.5 hours and then they come home and do homework, often an hour or so of it. They are in 1st and 3rd grade! If it's this bad now, I can't even imagine what it will be in middle and high school....ugh!

  6. I love that box, all ready to brighten a day.

  7. Im pretty sure that gorgeous old mirror belongs in my home. Too bad its 3000 miles away!
    Piles? They're my life and I hate it!
    The box of sunshine? Yes, please. Everyone needs sunshine on a cloudy day:)