the reed's underwater camera

a few of you have expressed interest in our family's underwater camera.
it actually is ty's camera.
he got it from his uncle and aunt for his birthday.
but we all love it.

it's from costco

Fujifilm FinePix XP60 Weatherproof Digital Camera Bundle


  1. We have this camera too! Such a great one. So...I need your email address and can't find it. Will you email me? Pretty please with sugar on top?!
    ashley ann photography at yahoo dot com

  2. We just bought a new underwater-capable camera for our Dominican trip a few weeks ago. I'm so glad we did! Eric went scuba diving for the first time and now we have photos of all he saw plus pics of him holding a puffer fish! So fun to be able to capture those moments too! :)

  3. well if that just isn't the coolest thing ever!

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  5. Wow! those are the amazing clicks!! Thanks for the wonderful share!

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