o hello again

without even meaning to
i took some time for quiet

instead of blogging, 
i've been swimming and reading and sleeping
and thinking and instagramming 
and being sick a lot and wondering and spending time with visitors 
and listening and watching and cleaning....

you know?
just the normal stuff that you do.
i just haven't much felt like sharing.
generosity, with yourself, goes through waves i guess.
and, like i've mentioned before, my time is less my own than ever before.
i guess that makes me a bit more careful in how i spend the moments that are left over.
i'm sure it's just a season.
but today, as i am watching the wind blow droplets of sparse raindrops on my bedroom window and the palm trees flop back and forth, i feel like sharing.
i've been reading some good books.
wanta hear?
right now i'm reading "the last telegram". 
just 6 chapters in.
but so far, i'm hooked.
it could get super sad, it's set during world war 2....just to warn you.
i just finished these three little numbers too...

i told you i've been reading.
sometimes i just need to take words and ideas and photos IN instead of spitting them out.

i hadn't done any photography since we first got here and we went to the north shore with phoebe, until the other day.
Ty and I decided to do a little photo shoot with our favorite beach darlin'.
here's one of my favorites.

i will share the rest soon.
just let me get warmed up back into blogging, ok?

we've been really into snorkeling.
well the kids have.
i've been into supervising.

and ty taught ella to ride her bike with no training wheels the other day!

it was THE sweetest ever in the history of the world.

of course there's more...
there's always more.
but this is what i've got today.


  1. Shauna! Ty and Ella with the bike is precious. What a sweet older brother. The video is to die for.

  2. welcome back. i'm kinda in that quiet mode too. also, that wwII book sounds good. I love any WWII book. and 1000 white women is also on my list. enjoy!

  3. so sweet! so glad you are back <3

  4. oh my goodness that is the sweetest thing ever!! I love his that a girl... and her sweet little kiss on his cheek!!!

  5. oh my, i can tell i'm going to love your blog. i'm a client of joy's who told me about your site and she was right--i dig it. blessings to you in this beautiful (yet very busy!) season in your life!

  6. My goodness, the video. SO sweet, it made me cry. I have three little ones too, ages 11, 9 and 7. Thanks for sharing.

  7. SO SO SWEEET!!!! Thank you for the book recommendations! :) I'm glad you had time to share.

  8. love love that video.
    enjoy the weekend! xo

  9. That just melted my heart! You're doing a great job with those babies mama!

  10. I have missed your blog - but good for you for enjoying some "me" time! Your pictures are beautiful as ever! I always enjoy seeing how you decorate. Will you be posting some pictures of your new home?

  11. omg! one thousand white women is SUCH A GOOD BOOK! I love that you read it.