the reed life mission

hello there!
this is me.

shauna noel reed

what is this blog for? illustrate the beauty of my barely managed mess.
yes, my kids are darling,
of course they are!
but just to be honest, my laundry needs to be done and my dishes are piled in the sink.

if you look at my pictures, remember that they are cropped and doctored up and that the beauty is, that I have a mess just like yours and I am trying to look at it all knowing that God's grace fixes me up and puts a wash over me.

my creativity comes from the fact that although i get distracted by things of this world, at times, deep down i am HIS amazing creation trying to get out and express His beauty.

beauty is my mess turned into glory because of Him.

my hero!

if you'd like to contact me,
you may email me at