well, i've been caught up in life these days.
this time of year usually takes on a life of it's own and all i can think about is getting from place to place.
and i dream of a slower pace of life in a big breezy house with a wrap around porch and a tree with a swing.
and lazy summer days just rocking on a chair and watching my kids run in the sprinklers.
that's just a dream
and i have to decide to want what i have.
and so i do.
what i have isn't so bad.
but these busy, pre-summer days try to make me think otherwise.
one thing i have been doing is looking back as often as possible at my snapshots that i take each day.
maybe as a way to remember?
maybe as a way to prove to myself that i did something besides get frustrated and snap at my sweet/naughty children.

so, in the name of good old fashioned "proof", here is my life right now.
and i can either love it or be whiney and complainy....

warm water

purple rainbow sherbet and fancy nails

i am the public restroom QUEEN.
i swear i probably visit an average of 5 a day.
i hate it.
and then i just have to decide to take picture instead of whine.

strawberry watermelon lemonade (its slushy! and makes AMAZING popsicles)

a morning date.
what a treat.


a lunch date!
another treat!

i am just starting to like baking with my kids.
i wish i was the mom that has always just loved throwing handfuls of flour around with her kids.
the idea of being that laid back really does appeal to me.
but I'm just not.
i like to do tidy projects that get cleaned up right away.
judge me if you must.
but my kids are finally getting old enough that baking cookies isn't an all day, from start to clean up, project... and i love that!

this is one of my new favorite photos.
the rule at our house is that you MUST have braids at the beach ( if you have long hair) otherwise i won't take you.
believe it or not the sand comes right out.
it's the tangles that make me want to run away to paris by myself.

i seriously LOVE taking black and white photos of my first born.
he is so perfectly contrasty.
( can you see me in his aviators?)

i liked this ring that ella picked out.
but she lost it in one day.

my favorite coffee shop also has a few very yummy flavors of ice-cream.


reed kid huddles are very good.
it means they are not fighting.

every tuesday and thursday, after karate, we drive by doho to check the waves....
its a "reedo" thing.

obsessed with blueberries.

guess what!?!?!
i got new carpet.
it is so so so special.

do you remember my old carpet?

i memorized this this week.

i said it to myself as i filled out this paperwork at my yearly check up.

we are in charge of my dad's two dozen little lady chickens this week.
and ella loves them already.
they aren't laying eggs yet, but we were practicing...

i'm thinking this summer is gonna have a sprinkle theme.
so i had to get little jars for all the different kinds, right?

the new carpet came with a new vacuum.

maybe we need one of these in the backyard for when they have been naughty?

this ride was a favorite at legoland.
we went to celebrate ty's birthday.

my first born got 3rd place in his sparring competition today.
i am very proud.
iam also exhausted, since my second born was in his same division and did not place.
that took some serious counseling.
can you believe that they even had to spar each other!?
it was pretty awful.
next time i am going to split them up, even if i have to lie about age.
it was just too much.
i felt like crying the whole time.
and Ty DID cry the whole time.

at least we have this happy moment to look back on!
legoland water park!
( ty's faces kill me)

this is the only chicken that actually returned ella's love

and this is the kind of pointless projects that i sometimes realize i just spent an hour on...
i'm pretty sure that there is no nor hula in this hoop.
but it's super cute.

and finally, the kids and i decided that this red wall and the cute little spot by the mission is our summer hang out.
summer's here in a few more weeks.
we can not wait.



  1. I needed that bible verse. thank you. beautiful post of beautiful pictures. you are VERY lucky to live by the waves. :)

  2. I just love your writing/pictures, Shauna. You're honest, raw, and vulnerable. Thank you for blogging :)

    PS, I love my kids' freckles so, so much, too.

  3. I so enjoyed your post today. I love how you captured all those little fun moments in mommyhood. It totally made me smile!

  4. loved seeing your life these days.
    it looks beautiful.

  5. Love your honesty!!!!! You are a blessing to so many of us and I really enjoy reading your posts:) Thank you:)

  6. I always miss when you're gone for a few days, but here you were again with more beautiful pictures of your family. Thank you for the Bible verse - it was just what I needed today. Blessings to you :)

  7. your pictures are so gorgeous!!! what happy times-- you are certainly making memories :)

  8. as always, awesome, inspiring pictures. not just inspiring in a photography facet, but in the 'mom' facet, too. i love making and recording memories for my kids, too.

  9. Your pics are always so adorable and creative. I feel like it really shows a piece of you. Love that sweet girl.
    And the idea about the flowers in a big water jug with lemons????? Love that too:)
    Happy Thursday busy mama. God loves you. Let go and Let Him.