oh my gosh, hey!

i just sat in front of my blogger dashboard for a few seconds trying to remember which button to push to start a new post.

i think if i picked up my cannon, i'd have to do the same.

things in this reed life are different.
just different.

homeschooling is different than not homeschooling.

living in hawaii is different from not living in hawaii.

starting from scratch with relationships and personal connections is different than dealing with them after years and years of history.

and because the is so much work, blogging has lost it's luster for me.

i am still on instagram, with a tiny community of people that i already know, but not wanting to expand it past that since i have a hard time keeping up with what i already have.

but i do feel a pull every once in a while to share.
the things that i've been learning about life and homeschooling and friends and kids.
i don't get my camera out much at all lately though, so phone pictures is it for today....

i may have lost all my blogging friends by now, but i am feeling like i want to try and get back into it, so if you are still out there, do you have any questions that you've been wondering since i've been gone?

my list, so far, for ideas for sharing:

1. why we chose homeschool

2. our teepee that we made

3. the books we are in love with

4. what moving has taught me

5. my feelings/thoughts about living in a place that we know is temporary

6. my understanding with God that he is giving me a time of a sort of isolation.

7. how my kids are swimmers now.

8. how homeschooling will change my outlook on my kids future teachers

9. my trip to portland and bend

10. how it's so awful to have to teach your kids about gross stuff like war and cruelty and hate since it's best for them to be aware of some things from you instead of others and when you send them to school you can sort of distance yourself and be a little mad at the school or the teacher (or something) about telling them, but it's different when you have to choose to tell them....to take a certain amount of innocence.(wow, maybe i should start with that.)

11. how i struggle with long distance friendships since i am not a phone person.

12. food in hawaii

13. discipline, chores, allowance and manners with my homeschoolers

14. the bond that our time here has/is creating between the reed kids

15. how reedo and i have dealt with the stresses that come with his traveling back and forth to the mainland and the move and all...

16. some of our favorite places on Oahu, so far

16. me and my reading glasses, and how i am (only) 34, but i really needed them and didn't realize how much my eyes were straining until my face started twitching and my head started aching....

17. the reed PE class

what do you think?
any input?
i can barely even remember what i've last shared...


  1. I've missed you from here in NZ. I always love your pictures of your beautiful family. Glad you are back. Cx

  2. well...I think there's a blog post for each one of those questions. pretty sure we wanna know all of it. better get to work, sista ;)

  3. welcome back! you WERE missed. : ) i would love to hear about #11 because i can relate entirely. #1, #3, & #6, too. they all sound great and would love to hear about what's on your heart about all of those topics, but i know it's hard to keep up!

  4. So so great. Fun to see you pop up in my reader and blogging... blogging should be fun and not work so blog when you want to. We'll still be here.

  5. I'll read anything you write friend!

  6. I think of you often and wonder how you are, I always take time to pray for you since you are placed on my heart. I had joy take my pics last month and all I wanted to ask was about how you were since you have always been my favorite blog. I will read anything you want to write. Take care sweet lady.

  7. I've missed your blog -- it's truly one of my favorite blogs!! I would like to learn more of how you've explored the personal connection part and developing friendships. I'm a therapist and several of my clients struggle after moving ... can't seem to find their way into others' circles, and find many people don't want deep friendships. So I'm curious about your experience. I enjoy learning about your life journey, especially the new adventures in moving far away and homeschooling. My son would love your class -- he wouldn't have to wear a shirt (or perhaps pants??!). Sending love and care from Iowa, USA : )

  8. Yep, you should do it. I cheered when I saw a new post from you in my feed. I'd be happy to see more show up!

  9. oh lady loo... i've missed reading your blog!
    missed seeing the loveliness and genuineness that radiates from this space.
    i love all the ideas you have for blog posts!
    i'd love to hear more about how it's been with the move... away from everyone and starting totally fresh.
    the idea of it for me (being such a definite HOMEBODY) is both daunting, terrifying... and yet completely exhilarating and freeing!!!
    i would love to hear your thoughts and how your heart's been dealing with it.
    i know i don't actually know you at all... but you randomly come into my thoughts.
    anything about hawaii... of course, jogs my mind.
    anyway... looking forward to more posts.

  10. Yes, would love to hear any or all of it!!!

  11. Yes, would love to hear any or all of it!!!

  12. It all sounds so interesting to hear! Happy for you to be able to get back to your blog. You're an amazing person to me! The more I get to know you, the more I love about you. What a blessing to be so inspired by and thankful for someone I hardly know! Thank you for sharing my friend :)

  13. what a cool surprise to find your new blog post! always happy to read, from way up here, vancouver island, canada.....a bit colder up here, but island life with little peeps' all the same ; ) beth

  14. So glad to see you back...even your phone pictures are amazing!

  15. Yay! So happy to see your post pop up, Nice to hear from you

  16. So psyched you posted! You are BY FAR my absolute favorite blogger and I am blessed to have found your amazing corner of a blog. I am so thankful for you and will treasure the moment I meet you one day;) Love from Kansas, grace

  17. Rose D. Frenchtown, NJOctober 11, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    I think it's just great to know that you are okay...

  18. Oh I'm so happy you are back! Your blog has always been my favorite.

  19. when i saw you come up on my feed i got so excited. i've missed your blog, but i know with all the changes you've had you need your time to adjust and find a new rhythm. I hope you are starting to settle in. share it all. i just love your perspective on life. you are always so honest. its refreshing.

  20. All of the above you talked about :)

  21. Miss you very much, but understand your life is full right now. I would love to read all your post ideas, each and every one. :)

  22. So happy to see you back. I don't know you, but I see your name pop up in comments on instagram now and again, and I each time I get the feeling that I can relate. My husband is a professional athlete, and travels a lot. It is a choice we have made, and a choice of mine to support him, but that is not to say that it is hard. So I'm interested on your perspectives on the stresses surrounding your husband's travel. We are about to go into competition season, so I'm trying to pump myself up for it! So your renewed blogging will be much appreciated on my long stretches of single parenting ;)

  23. I am so glad you're back!
    I always have enjoyed you.

  24. Yay! You are my favorite :-)
    I vote sharing for 6 & 15

  25. So glad to see you're back! :) I'm interested in all the suggested posts! I also wonder about juggling life when your kiddos were little... Encouragement for a Mama in the trenches? ;)

  26. do i have to say i understand why you're not blogging? i mean, i do... but... selfishly i miss it a lot because i always learn something from you and leave with; "damn, why wasn't i that wise at 34?!" plus i am just a bit selfish. ;) and i love you in glasses. i wanna hear all of it, in your own sweet time of course.

  27. All of the above sounds wonderful! I check back almost every day to see an update on your blog - I haven't given up! :)

  28. i'm still here, too. :)
    i always love your thoughts and pictures and beautiful heart.


  29. I love all the questions and truly hope you return to blogging to share some of your stories. I love the way you capture beauty and real life all into one in the photos you take. I have so missed your stories and reflections on life. Looking forward to more soon...

  30. So glad to see you again!

  31. Welcome back! Glad to "see/read" you again!

  32. is anyone a phone person anymore? ;)
    i can't stand when my phone even rings!

  33. oh... and i still love to read your blog. even when it's hard to write. trust me i know.

  34. I've missed you from our island home in the Bahamas. I know so much of the craziness you are going through with leaving comfort and moving to an island. Your story is different than mine, and I'd love to hear it!

  35. I'm sick with day 3 of a bad cold; so, I'm sitting home alone with the laptop and I remembered you had a blog and that I hadn't heard how you and your sweet family have been doing since your monumental move to the islands. I'm sure it has been culture and family shock. Your thoughts and photos of life and family are beautiful - you have a gift for telling a story and sharing your heart! There is sooo much laxson in those sweet spunky faces it got me misty eyed just remembering. Loved seeing a glimpse of how God is working in your life. You've probably already discovered my favorite island foods, but just in case - look for good saimin (noodle soup) and hot malasadas (Portuguese donuts). Love you. Luann R.

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