"on the road..."

i've been gone for 16 days.
six. teen. days.
that's like half a month.
it feels so strange to be home.
and good too.
i look my kids up to my sister's in Bend, OR and we hung with her for two weeks.
for one of which reedo came and we called it a family vacation.
but first it was just the kids and i, and we flew my sis down so she could road trip with us 
how nice is SHE??
she's a saint, i tell ya....
we hit lotsa in-n-outs
a couple mcdonalds
and we stopped in san fransisco to see the golden gate bridge and to stay at a RAD hotel that my super sweet reedo booked for us!

it was so amazing.
i took a crazy amount of pictures.
so lets just start with what i like to call,

"on the road"

and then we were there.
in my sisters cute house.
the most adorable house ever invented.



  1. Welcome home! Im sitting in an airport waiting to fly off to central america with my hubby. Leaving the girls behind is rough. ROUGH. I always love to see pics of you & your sisters:-)

  2. how fun!! i love road trips! glad you're hope and had a great time :)

  3. that looks like a super duper fun time!
    i LOVE road trips and i'm pouting today because i wanted hubby to take me on one just for the day tomorrow and he won't. :/
    pout, pout, pout!

  4. been missing your blog and anxious to see more of your adventure away - vacation + sisters sounds like perfection to me. : )