summer in bend

we were in bend for over two weeks.
it was the longest we'd ever been away on a vacation.
it was so lovely.
we played and explored
we picked flowers with friends
i did a couple special photo shoots of my own kids
as well as a very fun one with one of our favorite families up there.
it was so relaxing and also fun filled.


that trip was like medicine to my soul
so good to just leave our normal lives behind for a while
i hope we can do something like that every summer from now on.

here are our photos of
 bubble blowing
front yard daydreaming
flower picking
sprinkler dodging
pink sixshooter pointing
puppy snuggling
laundry drying
dish washing
car tripping
waterfall admiring
fresh air breathing
ice cream licking
blue berry admiring
just soaking up our break from reality!

we stayed with my sister, in her house
the cutest little tiny house ever.
and it was a squeeze
but we got used to it fast and when i got home all my stuff made me sorta sick.
i think that was the best part of our trip.
just taking a break from stuff that starts to seem too important.
you just leave it behind and you realize that you are still the same people with the same family and you really don't need 17 bowls in your pantry
or even a real bed for everyone.
or to go to karate or to do what we always do...
with or without that, we were still us.
and it felt pretty good.
i mean, don't get me wrong i still have my bowls and beds now that i'm home.
i think its just good to remind yourself that it's not really necessary, ya know?
i just helps me to relax.

(soon to come are the real camera pictures of our awesome Bend OR photo shoots!
can't wait to share!)



  1. Bend looks dreamy!
    it makes me wish that i had a similar relationship with my sister.
    praying about that. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love everything about central Oregon...it's been such a lovely summer here, glad you got to enjoy it! Maybe next time you're here you could meet my little family for a photo shoot?

  3. Thanks for taking us with you. I LOVE life through your eyes.

  4. Oh man I love this post. I'm clearly really late on commenting, but I totally love it. Looks like a great time! :) And I think tiny homes are dreamy. Because what you can fit in a tiny home is probably enough.:)