that's just me today

i wore something sparkly.

i got a new eyeshadow.

we did our after karate ocean drive-by

they dressed for picture day
and i just know that somehow their pictures will end up looking creepy

she picked my favorite outfit for her picture day.

today was just a monday.
there are moments captured and remembered 
and there are moments forgotten forever.

i've been going through an interesting phase lately.
i am feeling very questioning and unsure of things these days.
but, i'm ok with that.
one thing i don't really feel like i need is sameness with others.
i am messily accepting my own big-girl self as o-so-different from anyone else.
which, for me, is healthily turning me toward the one who knows the answer to any question.
and my weirdness just keeps turning me toward faith 
faith that gives me freedom
faith that reminds me that i don't need to figure it all out.
faith that is not in other's ideas or in "religion" or in my habits or in my traditions
but is in the GOD of the universe.

that's just me today.
are you as much of a drama queen as i am today?


  1. I like what you shared, at the end of this post.
    I've been in a weird phase for what seems like a million years and am still waiting for the Lord to reveal His plan.
    Maybe He won't and maybe He will, but I'm waiting on Him and no one else.

    Thank you for sharing, Shauna.

  2. the slow process of letting God mold and shape us, transform us, always feels weird i think. if you're a person in process and growing, you're always becoming a person you've never been before. it's always a new road with new discoveries. and it's hard to feel confident that anyone else really "knows" you. it's not the most comfy way to live, but it's our choice, and in that way i know what you mean.

  3. oh....i have never thought about it that way. that could be what it is...not needing to be the same as anyone. YES. that sums up what i feel and why i am okay with doing my own thing. you are not a drama queen. i like you.

  4. this is good stuff for me to read.
    each and every one of us has our own unique faith.
    it is no one else's.
    and WE get to choose that faith.
    it's not based on anyone else's experiences or questions...
    thanks for reminding me of that.
    and if you're dramatic... add me to the pot!
    great pics!
    (you have to show us how the school pics turn out!!)

  5. Um... YES! I've been feeling the same way. You are not alone. We drama queens need to stick together!

  6. i've been embracing that i don't need sameness too. it's freeing. embracing that we are each one of us uniquely and wonderfully made in God's image. embracing my characteristics of his image may not resemble the person next to me. embracing God got me right just the way he made me.

    lovely photos.