the reed brothers dream up some adventure...

i have had a dream of this photo shoot for a few years.
this summer it came true.

jake and ty got out their lunch pails and corncob pipes.
their fishin' poles and suspenders.
and as i described my ideas to them, something magical happened.
They stepped into my dream.
we giggled and stared at the words with wide eyes as i read them the stories of tom and huck's boisterous antics...
the language and old fashioned ideas did have me pausing every once in a while.
but, as we read, the story became a dream of adventure.
in my heart, tom sawyer looks just like my jake with his goofy grin and his freckled nose.
 huck finn has floppy blond hair and a sparkle in his eye, just like my ty, free and brave
 (minus them bad words huck is famous for) 

so, please enjoy this dream and be dazzled, with me, at my handsome, funny, naughty, sweet, brave boys.

the reed brothers as tom and huck.



  1. So awesome! They are beautifully taken and your boys are adorable.:)

  2. WOW! These look amazing! Your boys are the perfect models for it!

  3. These are unbelievable. I could stare at them for hours.

  4. Holy smokes! Get these bound into a book. Now. Right now. So great, pal!

  5. That is fantastic. Love all your photos. What handsome boys too. Cx

  6. Amazing as always, what a treasure for them to have for years to come. You truly have a gift my friend.

  7. I have no words. These are fabulous. Everything about them is just beyond words. Go Mama!

  8. these are breathtaking, shauna. wow. what treasures to have for the years to come. you're amazing. and those boys are to die for.

  9. shauna!!!!
    these pictures make me want to pick up my camera!
    how beautiful.
    you captured everything so amazingly perfect.

  10. little men.
    i CANNOT handle the cuteness here.
    the toothy grin?
    the perfect light?
    the freckles?

  11. These are insanely great!
    Amazing, and such beautiful art.
    Can't wait to see how you display them!

  12. be still my heart!
    those boys!
    can you save them for my two older girls?
    i look at these photos and want little boys!
    (not in a weird, creepy way... sorry!!!!)
    i just have girls!
    so sweet!!!!
    you need to blow one up BIG for their room!

  13. how awesome is this photoshoot!?!?

  14. okay..pinning this idea for later...as in when my other son grows up and him and his brother can go on adventures together!

  15. Stop. This is so wonderful. I'm going to start collecting suspenders and hats and pipes so that when my one year old twins are old enough I can do this, fab idea and gorgeous pics! You're an inspiration!

  16. Beautiful pictures! What a treasure they will be.

  17. SOOOO past perfection!!! I love these pics! You are so very talented, little lady.

  18. What type of lens do you use?? Your pictures are gorgeous!