if you live on our street you will know us because we have a tee-pee on our porch.

this is the story.

we are studying early american history.
i am a newly homeschooling mom, who has a good amount of over confidence in my creativity.
it thought about what i wanted to do for our first homeschool art project and a tee-pee was the obvious choice.
patterns and DIYs are all over pinterest so, why not?

i got the pattern here
i liked it because it was a big one.
but the pattern has the words "bad ass" on it which jake thought was pretty edgy, for me...
you've been warned.

this is how it went down.
i gathered up a bunch of example patterns for them to look at and
they each designed a panel on paper.

i drew out the panels on the canvas and
we cut out all the pieces
there were some mistakes.
but i knew that would happen.
i had purchased an extra drop cloth for that reason.

i let jake man the drill
that was hard for me.
but he was fine.
and we all sanded the wood.

i let them all sew a few of the seams, but that is not pictured since i was too stressed...
and i finished up the sewing part by myself after loosing my cool a few too many times.

and then the best part came.
the part where it turned into "the best homeschool project ever in the world".
after i transferred their designs onto their panels in sharpie, we set the whole thing up and everyone began to paint.
it was good.
everyone (including me) was relaxed and happy.

we worked on it in the garage at night, while reedo was away on a trip.
it was probably 89 degrees in there, but no one cared.
everyone was focused.

when we finished i gave them each a toy bow and arrow to play with in it and it has been quite a hit.
it even inspired some of our halloween costumes

i think it will go down in history as a very cool part of our time homeschooling.


  1. Love it!! What a cool fun project. You've got this homeschooling thing. You've got it!!

  2. this is so SO great, shauna!

    yours is waaaaayyy cooler than ours. well, because i bought mine. :)

    i love that pic of you and reedo. so GREAT!


  3. Looks amazing! Such a great project!!

  4. Your children will remember this FOREVER! This is something they will tell their kids about- isn't that the best part of childhood- making memories?! You are awesome! I've been homeschooling for 9 years now...but I'm learning from you! :)

  5. Shauna, this is amazing. Your God given gift to a to act on a brewing idea in your head is so encouraging. Truly.