i love reading
we all love it over here.
my favorite part of homeschooling is the reading part.

this year we are reading the Little House on the Prairie books and i had no idea how hooked we ALL would be.
it's amazing.
i really believe that God speaks to me through books.
i mean....the Bible, of course.
but i have found that he can use any book. (and anything!)

these books are written for chidren, but they are for everyone.
and they are especially for us reeds this year.
we are not going west to homestead, 
but we are traveling to different homes with only really our family as a constant.
we aren't fighting prairie fires, 
but we are learning to make a home somewhere unfamiliar.
our "pa" isn't going off to harvest in neighboring counties for the summer and coming back on foot in the snow,
 but we all know JUST how the Ingall girls felt when we find ourselves listening for reedo's footsteps and counting the days until his return.
it's just a gift.
the kids beg for more every night.

the more i read to my kids 
the more they seem to love reading.
to me and to themselves.

and just one more thing.

i have found that reading something they are enjoying to them 
while they sketch or do quiet legos has made me feel like a really good mom.
do your kids ever just really want you to "play" with them and you just don't have it in you?
you want to be with them, but you just can't pretend to like legos or barbies right now?
well, that happens to me a lot 
and i've found that if i first just volunteer to read while they play it still counts as playing to them!

just a thought.
you should try it.


  1. My boys and I read the Little House books last year...so good for all of us too! That time of the night snuggled in my bed was my favorite!

  2. I miss reading to my boy. He's 16. I still read to him from time to time... Usually at Christmas as we have a tradition of doing so. Reading to him is one our favorite memories our one on one time together. You go momma!

  3. Yes! My kids love to be read to. And their mama enjoys it too! We read through the first couple of "Little House" books last summer and have since moved onto other chapter books. But we need to get back and finish the series. They LOVED the "Farmer Boy". I read to them almost every night before bed and on weekends they beg me to read pretty much anytime of the day. It's kind of a special treat for me as a mom, since daddy tries to read aloud and falls asleep immediately. So it's become my "thing" to do with my boys and I thoroughly love it. And it makes me feel so good that they're all into it ;)

  4. We are reading through this series, too. I am loving the times we are having snuggling in after dinner to see what the Ingall's family is up to!

  5. Oh my goodness what a wonderful Idea, my eldest LOVES being read to, and this is just perfect - I can read, but lego and barbies is a stretch on a good day! Thank you:)

  6. been almost a full year since you blogged??