and then over a year went by….

i am still here.
on our little island.
my hair is longer.
 my kids are still my favorite and also with me all the time.
which is challenging.
 jake is practically a teenager and also nowhere near a teenager.
 we are super beachy and tan and full of aloha spirit.

 ty is still amazingly kind and patient and thoughtful.
he's one of those people that makes you realize how mean you really are in comparison.
 ella is amazing and strong and won't take….crap from anyone.
now we are moving.
to arizona.
california to hawaii to arizona.
i thought i should try and blog a little so as not to overwhelm instagram with my information and words.
remember how when i used to blog i was terrible at responding to your commentary, but still really liked reading it?
that will be the same and maybe worse since i will be moving and stuff.
if i was ty, i would respond to everyone, but there can only be one ty in the world.
maybe i should teach him to blog….


  1. Fave. Also, AZ is on our future hit-list...in a good way... :)

  2. Don't feel pressure to respond, Shauna. Just know we are still here with you!!

  3. Great to SEE you!

  4. I'll try to actually read your blog this time around. Now that I have the link saved in my phone maybe it'll be easier:)

  5. I just can't tell you how happy I am that you are blogging again! I found your blog after my mom passed away and your words helped me so much. Happy 2015!

  6. Your blog makes me smile. I saw you once in the target in San Clemente but didn't have the nerve to say hello. We've moved from Cali as well and may be headed to Hawaii in a few months oursleves. Thank you for your honestly with your move, I have a feeling it will be one oft saving graces. God bless.

  7. I love your blog! Found it about a year and a half ago and find myself always going back to hear more about your Hawaii life! Trying to get into the routine of blogging more and yours is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing more!! Good luck with your move and Happy New Year!

  8. I was giddy when you popped up on my reader:) we have missed you.

  9. Hi! I'm new here.... from a few months ago when your blog was suggested to me by Bloglovin', based on those I already follow. I popped on over and saw you hadn't posted in awhile, but was so drawn in by everything you had previously shared that I wanted to hang around. I was so excited to see you pop up in my reader the other day. Look forward to following along with you and connecting more! :) (Amber @goodnightbambinos on IG)

  10. omg i almost cried at my work desk!! haha i hope that's not creepy, it was just nice to see your pretty face. you guys look great!! :-)

  11. ha! I love you Shauna. I wish I was Ty, too... then i bet I would send thank you notes like I always intend to and.... and all the things I am too hurried and lazy and forgetful and selfish to do. I am anxious to see what unfolds for you guys in Arizona! So exciting. Makes me really, really wish I was moving somewhere and starting over completely. Like...really. Instead I will live vicariously through you.

  12. HI. I've missed your blog. You're kids are looking huge. Why does that happen?!

  13. arizona, wow!
    love seeing your posts again :)