are we there yet?

tonight i am packing up all the school books we will need for the next few months.
we are leaving soon to move into temporary housing in the phoenix area.
we will look for a home once we get there.
one good part about moving with a big company is that they have a system down for moving their people.
they help us sell our house.
they help us ship our cars.
but even a big wireless phone company can get a little thrown by hawaii.
it's just a little farther and a little more complicated.

my head is spinning.
there are still kids to pack for that haven't worn shoes that aren't flip flops in a while.
figuring out what to pack and what is not longer needed.
i'm ready to go.
the drawn out part of moving on is….rough.

but i don't want to forget to have fun with them!
 as we try not to get too behind in school to allow time for house hunting once we get there.
deeeeep breaths.
i have to take them to say goodbye to the places that they love.

 all while trying to keep the house spotless for potential buyers that want to have a look.

when we get to arizona, we will have been apart from reedo for almost a month.
the best part of this new chapter and the light at the end of the tunnel is that reedo's new job will not require as much long travel time.
that is why we are making this investment.
that is what is getting me through tonight. 


  1. Girlllllllll, I feel you. We've been away from Jarrod since Halloween day. :( We see him on weekends, but not every weekend. We're waiting for our house deal to close...short sales...yuck. Staying with family while he works in MN. We did the exact things you're doing in October...going around to all our favorites before we moved, packing what we needed while the rest went to storage. It's just a long process. I'm still in the middle too, but I'm sure its all worth it in the end, right?!

  2. i love, love, love that you are posting about how things have been going and your next steps. take in the last drops of Hawaii -- you have made a beautiful mark on the island!! as always, i adore your photos and your thoughtful perspective. sending care xoxox to you and family.

  3. You're basically living like a military wife! The long separations are hard but having someone else do the moving and arrangements is a great perk! Blessings on your journey! *((hugs))*
    Amanda (thrice_blessed)

  4. man. that is so crazy.
    you will do it. it will be ok and you'll get through it.
    the other good news is that phoenix is my have vacay away in the winter. so. we will meet one day, surely.

  5. deep breaths indeed. saying goodbye to favorite places is always hard. but sounds like a great move! (also, my husband works for vzw, doesn't travel but he does work adamnlot.) praying for y'all, and that the details get sorted and the family is together again super quickly XO!

  6. I love that you are savoring your last days in Hawaii. What a wonderful experience you all got to have for two years! Hugs as you push through to the next phase! XOXO

  7. thinking of your family! thanks for sharing and i enjoy all the pics as always. sending prayers :)

  8. So miss you dearest Shauna. When I see your pictures it makes me ache for my amazing friend, your Mom. I so wish we were neighbors - my heart is full of the things of Jesus that I want to share. I would so love to hear your wisdom over coffee as well. I know the Lord will keep you....He has always sustained me and all those I love. Blessings upon blessings to you and your sweet family.