moving on

we did it.
we lived for two years, almost exactly, on an island.
there were such amazing things about it.
i've never felt more brave than when i moved away from the place i'd always known.
i've never felt my patience grow as much as when i homeschooled my children while my husband was gone half the time.
the ocean! i like the ocean so much more after living here in hawaii.
my kids are thriving and expressive and growing and bonded in such a new way and i know that this adventure has been so good for us all.
i wouldn't change it for anything.

and now my reedo has a sparkly new job in arizona.
what a gift to have a good job.
a job that my husband wants and is good at.
arizona, huh?
sounds hot. and sandy-ish. and brown.
i'll be honest, though. i didn't really feel excited about hawaii either.
i think i may be a piece of work.
the strange thing about me, lately, is that as we drive around the island doing our "last time on the north shore" and "our last time" at this place or that place i start to feel oddly comfortable in this phase of leaving. i haven't held on very tightly to any of this.  i remember the music that i listened to as i left california and the feeling of loss is bizarrely comforting. weird, huh?

i'm ready for this next place.
i'm ready to be surprised.
i'm ready to see what the Lord has got for us.
i'm sure it won't be what i would pick, and i think that may be best, ya know?


  1. I can relate to this post in such a completely different manner. My little sister is leaving the states in a week to serve the Peace Corps in Morocco for 2+ years and I'm experiencing the tightness, resistance, you share of when leaving California. Again, I look forward to following along with you through this move and shift. Praying an easy transition for you and your family!

  2. So glad to hear you all are well! How exciting and scary to be moving again! Good luck in your next adventure!

  3. that last bit. the lord's surprising us, it's good. sometimes messy, but good. excited for y'all as you start this new chapter. XO

  4. has it really been two years?! i've enjoyed seeing your hawaii life through insta and looking forward to new AZ views! it's been fun getting to know you through these little glimpses. appreciate you and your family!