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Shauna's Mommy secrets 2009

1. turkey meatballs from Trader Joes. ( my kids live on um)
2. safety tatoos (for days out on the town)
3. burger king chicken fries ( les just showed me those)
4. the small potty at the "lullaby lounge" at the Mission Viejo mall
5. Mongolian BBQ at the food court feeds mommy and up to 3 small kids! 9 bucks for lunch...yess! and then they clean up under the table( i know I'm trashy)
6. Costco wipes in EVERY room.
kitchen: counter, sink, stove, mouths, hands, table, floor, outside of appliances.
living room: diapered bottoms bathrooms: every one likes to be clean not just babies! ha!
garage: wipe down the interior, and the outer handles of your car if they get really grimey. Every other room: general spill and soggy cheerio wipe up
7. Top Ramen as "kung fu noodles"
8. For 4 year olds and up: fill a syrup bottle ( smart and final ), you know the ones they have at IHOP, with milk for cereal in the morning. then the gallon jug doesn't get poured all over the kitchen and the "big kid" can serve himself breakfast.
9."Bounderies with kids" and "How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk" READ THEM
10.Swirls! big kids love it. you can just fill the cup a little. you can fill a babies cup with all fruit. sometimes you just need to get out for a treat and this isn't too naughty too do once a week!
11. If you stay home all day with your kids, Go out by yourself at night. to starbucks, the bookstore, window shopping at the mall, to your favorite place . you might think you are too tired when your husband gets home, but you will be glad to be away for a few minutes, and feel like yourself again!
12. "The Cake Doctor" amazing special cakes from cake box recipes
13.Don't fold jammies! just trow um in the drawer. just let it go. I do it, so you have permission and knowledge that you aren't the only one!
14. Have low expectations and you will always be pleasantly surprised.
15. YOu don't have to be the "best" mom. you just need to be a good one. Let go of something that REALLY doesn't matter...today!
16. a little kids movie or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DOESN"T hurt...no matter what "they" say. What matters is that you survive mother hood without going INSANE.
17.Just let um(the kids) go out in the back yard naked for a while, it'll do everyone some good.
18.Always get yourself ready in the morning. a little mascara , clean teeth, and a "relatively cute" outfit, will make you happier...it's just basic dignity ladies.
19. For boys: teach them about being a gentleman! no girl is above a given up seat, opened door, or a protective arm....let's raise our boys with gentlemanly manners and respect for a ladies love for basic kindness
20.BE HAPPY! your kids will eventually follow your lead.

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  1. Reading through your archives this morning- really like this one!