I've looked at a few blogs in the last few days....and thought about what a funny different world it is to make a little snapshot of your life to share...a totally edited snapshot. It is hard to remember that sometimes...that each blog that I see is pruned and perfected. That the ugly parts are shaved off. It is easy to allow yourself to miss the beauty of your own life as you scroll through page after page of amazing photography and artful writing. Maybe the grass IS greener there? Maybe that lady has it totally together and has an artful, "clean" home where her children are also artistic and happy and peaceful and allow her to spend her time uploading pictures of their brilliance and adorable-ness....
My mission? to illustrate the beauty of my barely managed mess. Yes my kids are darling...of course! But just to be honest, my laundry needs to be done and my dishes are piled in the sink.
If you look at my pictures, remember that they are cropped and doctored up and that the beauty is that I have a mess just like yours and I am trying to look at it all knowing that God's grace fixes me up and puts a wash over me and reminds me that although I get distracted by things of this world, deep down I am HIS beautiful creation trying to get out and express his beauty! Beauty is my mess turned into glory because of Him, my hero!

Wow! did you expect that? I didn't. Gonna go watch American Idol with my annoyed husband now...

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  1. Then why is your house always clean, and smelling of deliciousness??? You definitley have me fooled sista :) I love you!!