scenes from spring break 2012...

this spring break is not going how i expected.
i thought we'd adventure and be outside in the sunshine.
i thought we'd meet up with friends.
i thought we'd be at the beach and the park and under the big big sky.
we were all sick (in different stages)
so we stayed in.

we snuggled.
we swam in "guys"
when it wasn't raining, 
we did tons of water coloring.

we antibacterialized.

we did sneak out for a little ocean breeze for a few hours one day.

but then, after ice-cream , i'm telling you, those kids begged to go home to play with LEGOS!
so strange!
they were just homebodies this week!

this week, that happened to be MY birthday week...
i did get some pretty flowers from my cute husband.

 and since it was my birthday, i splurged on some shoes for ella that i normally would have had to bribe her to pick.

and also, since it was my birthday they really tried to be good (yesssss)

we made a new sign.
(kay, i made it. and let them look at it. nice of me, huh?)

we sang in the car with sonic limeades.
(beat it! beat it! beat it! beat it!)

 i got them to come to the beach ONE TIME in-between coughing and thunderstorms.

and we collected sticks, there, to make these kites
from part of a quilt topper i found for a steal a few weeks ago.

 and then tonight reedo and i got out for "the hunger games" and some wahoos.

 so, this week was not what i expected, but still, pretty darn good...


  1. well HAPPY BIRTHDAY there missy!!!
    so glad you are all feeling better.
    it sure looks like you made the most of this week, sickness and all. :)
    i love the kids artwork, and the sign, and the kite,{those shoes!} and especially that umbrella hanging over your table!
    so adorable!

  2. our spring break was the same.
    rain rain rain.
    not what i wanted but oh well it's over.
    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lovely loveliness :) happy birthday from me, too!

  4. Love the ice cream. Love the birthday flowers. Love the date night Hunger Games. Love the new chalk board sign and LOVE the rain drops with umbrella over the table. Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. happy birthday and I hope you're feeling all better friend! xoxo